Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All Grown up!

They are all grown up and they still love me. Today they had their 9 month check-up and everything went great. I was a little nervous to try out a new doctor, just because I don't know otherwise, and it was much better. Only took an hour to check out all three of them and she was fantastic. No problems, they are all on the growth charts- non-adjusted!! That is a huge step. Carter is in the 2% or something for weight but he is on the charts. So Tatum measured in at 17.1 lbs, 27.5 in. Lincoln at 18.3 lbs, 28.25 in. Carter at 16.4 lbs, 27.25 in. It is amazing what a difference 2 lbs still makes. Linc seems huge and heavy next to Carter. Maybe it is just because he is always standing and pulling on me that he seems so heavy and strong. Carter still will not eat any non-milky substance but supposedly that is ok. I was told he may just jump straight to table food which scares me a little bit, but would make life much simpler than having to start from scratch. I can't wait until they all can feed themselves though. If they are cranky and hungry- they can sit at the table and eat finger foods while I get more food ready. Ummm, No shots today so that made things a little easier and I had my cousin and friends there to help. They were fantastic and such a relief to have around. *So this was singing time on Sunday. Sometimes I get lucky and a song totally calms them down. They usually don't sit this good and watch so that was fun. Then we went for a bike ride and tried out the trailer. I used the Baby Bjorn with Tatum and rode a bike while Ben pulled the boys. Don't they just look like best buds in here!! Holding Tatum and riding a bike was a little tricky and probably a little unsafe- but you can't argue with us when it gives us a chance to get out of the house even if it is hot and muggy outside. Then Ben went outside to sweep the porch after a day of yard work while I was getting things done in the kitchen. It is so fun to watch Linc and Taters crawl around- but more fun to see how excited they get when they see their Dad through the door. They'll both pull themselves up and start banging on the window. It was awesome. They just love their Daddy!! They are just getting so big! Crazy how fast time flies.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

9 months already

We are planning to take some 9 month pics of the kids- nothing fancy but you have to take them on their monthday right!! But these will have to do for now since they are recent and are actually doing something. Thursday, Carlson crew and ours we went up to Stillwater to swim at my aunt Angela's house. It was a blast!! I hope everyone had a good time because I would love to go again. It was great entertainment to have Spencer and McKay, Chrissy and Angela were both SO helpful and it was a chance for me to get out of the house. We are so glad Carlson's live so close by. We also hope they don't get sick of us too fast because they are great friends and are really the only ones we have right now. Sad huh?? We miss other/more friends, but love who we got stuck with!!Linc is our stud on the water

Angela with Carter Bug and McKay- she is a trooper
Me with Taters.
Chrissy helping, as usual, feeding Carter- and then Spence

After swimming and driving home with screaming kids towards the end and the boys (Husbands) having a long day of work- Pete picked up some pizza and had dinner together. Here is McKay after devouring his Pizza!! It looked much messier in person, but oh well.And then Mayittho!! Her and sometimes her sisters will come over to help me and play with the babies. What an Angel!! They are on summer break and have nothing to do- so they say- so they'll hang out for 5 hours or so and just play with them. Or while they are sleeping I can run to the store. Her and sister Melissa even let us go out for dinner and games on Friday!! Tatum screamed for hours as usual, I hope to doesn't scare them from coming back, but they are amazing little helpers. They bring me a much relief!! I'm trying to figure out what I am going to do when school starts...
And a little update. Tatum finally had her first tooth poke through yesterday and the other bottom tooth is close behind. Carter is getting close to crawling, he moved a knee and hand last night!! and he also ate some puffs today. Maybe he'll just skip the cereal and baby food junk and we can move straight to real food. That wouldn't be too bad if his little body can handle it. Welp- I think that about covers it for now.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Props to Cart-Dawg

Still no pictures of Tatum crawling in action. It is hard to get pictures when kids are climbing all over you or there are a couple screaming. And usually a camera isn't the first thing that pops in my mind. She has learned another new trick though, she can get to a sitting position after crawling all over me!! But Carter is progressing. I've caught him up on his knees whenever I get him from his nap. He so much more content than the other two so he can lay and play in his crib for awhile. The frustrating part is he would never get on his knees while out and playing. I decided to take a pic while he is in his crib playing.

Soon after that was taken, he has been up and about rocking away out of the crib. Yeah!! It is so cute too, he is just so little. I can't wait to see his little body crawling all over the place. One step at a time I guess. And then here is a pic of Linc after our first thunderstorm. They come quick and are brutal and he sure did not like the hail.
As for family news- Ben took the GRE today and is appyling for Orthodontic programs. We'll see what happens over the next couple of months but I'm afraid a whole new adventure is ahead of us!! But we are proud of Ben and all he has accomplished and continues to do, so we'll follow wherever he needs to go. I'm sure that is easier said than done. I've decided moving is not a lot of fun when babies have so much junk to bring. Oh well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Way to Go Tatum

Tatum can Crawl!! no pics of it yetShe has only been up on her knees rocking for over a month. I think she enjoyed rolling everywhere until Linc tried to crawl over her. Now she wants to be up in the action where he is. She is trying to pull herself and and can sit on her knees- it is amazing how quickly they progress after they reach a certain point. Carter has gotten up on his knees maybe twice, but he is coming around. We are hoping once he sees Tatum and Linc going everywhere- he'll be a little more motivated. Oh- and they all have had colds over the last 2 weeks. No Fun, but Tatum found a new favorite face. We think it started with a runny nose- but it was hilarious!! She just likes to scrunch it up... Great!

Here is Tatum in Ben's dress. When Ben's mom was pregnant with him she was hoping for a girl and bought this dress. If she only knew it would fit her granddaughter!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Tatum loves her Jumpy Jump. She has mastered swinging around and twirling it. She actually has control over it now that she has put on a few pounds. She seems to overdo it sometimes and she has a tendency to fall asleep. It is HILARIOUS!! She still bounces her legs but is passed out. She is an ANGEL when she is sleeping!! Ok now to the 4th. We thought we'd be a little daring and get out of the house with the kids.

Our 4th of July afternoon picnic at Lake Hefner. We thought about sticking around for Fireworks.... but there was a HUGE storm that we didn't want to get blown away in so we went home, put babies in bed and then had Baby Toy races down the sidewalk. Our neighbors even decided to watch- we were that entertaining.

My Angel mom playing after helping us move in!
The Babes sure love their Grammie!

Our OK House- Awesome
Lincoln and Carter are Best Friends

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dead Sexy

I have a Dead Sexy husband for a couple reasons. First- he is now a Dentist, has a license in Oklahoma. Second-He started his residency at the VA here in Oklahoma City and they gave him the uniform. Boy does he look good. Third- he is looking good in his scrubs and saying goodbye to all the kids. Gives them kisses every morning before he leaves and everyday when he gets home. What a fantastic Dad!!

Then this is a cute picture I found of the kids in the pool as I was browsing through our vacation pictures.