Monday, January 23, 2012

Ohhh Tatum

Poor Tatum had a bad run in yesterday. It was our first good Sunday in a long time- Tatum went to Primary and stayed the whole time-- was running around happy after as we were walking out to the car. She was running the wrong way, I called her the right way so she turned around, not paying attention, and ran into a bigger boy. Luckily she is a good sport and doesn't complain. But she will talk your ear off to tell you all about it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

And Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve with the McDowell's. Started out with the sibling gift exchange- and found out Scott and Kara are expecting. Yeah for them!!! Then next on the agenda- Ginger Bread house decorating. That was a lot of fun- each kid got a house to decorate and if they had a family it turned into a joint activity. Then the adults went out for a game of Bocce ball. Next was Christmas Bingo for the kids.. And a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause... (and cool beanies from Aunt Devyn.)

Then off to the Skousen party. Our tradition is a Mexican dinner.. then a white elephant exchange. We used to do the nativity scene when we were little, but that died out and hasn't come back with the grand kids. My grandpa used to read out of Luke, but I think that also ended when he passed away in July. So it was a short and sweet party- good to see extended family that we never see!It is always a blast getting together with all our family, sometimes can get a little hectic. We loved being able to spend Christmas in AZ. Christmas Day itself was a little wierd having a 1 hr church block... and then a kid puking all afternoon/night. But it was very relaxing... just the way we like it! We got to play games with Uncle Matthew and veg out at home.

Here are some pics from the Flaherty Nativity night. I'm hoping this is an ongoing tradition (it is two years so far). The little kids get to be herded by the grandma's to re-create the nativity scene and also get fed dinner. We (parents) get to drop them off and be free for two hours which is the other fantastic part.

Merry Christmas. (almost a month ago...)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Fire Station

We had a wonderful Break down in AZ... I love AZ weather! We got a chilled first week there, a highlight of visiting a First Station that my brother-n-law used to work at, Uncle D took us on a SWEET tour. Kids got to do whatever they wanted on the truck, played in their game room in the station, took turns on the fire pole-- Uncle D even drove us around the station. It was a lot of fun! We even had our friends, The Clayden's, even joined us! Thanks for coming with. An THANKS DUSTIN for taking us on your day off!

I'll have to post other parts of the trip a little at a time. oh the anticipation!!!