Sunday, September 9, 2012

August 2012

Here is a Quick Recap of our month spent in AZ...

Skousen weekend getaways to Pinedale, AZ. (review of this trip)

Gotta get a little baseball action in

Teaching D how to cut hair

All the Grandkids!

The Zip-Line, definitely a fav.

Brooklyn Turns 1! Where has the time gone.. so fun to watch her change while we were there. Went from sitting, to crawling to walking in 2 weeks!

We decorated cupcakes to celebrate..

McDowell's Weekend Night Getaway
McDowell's had a Stay-cation at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort to celebrate Grandpa turning 60.

Everyone But Scott and Kara, And Devyn made it.
 BECAUSE>>> Scott and Kara have a Baby!!
Baby Owen was Born!- a few days later

Had to make a Hospital visit to see the newest McDowell. Pretty Perfect!!
Brooky's B-Day Party...
Papa pulls out the Guitar and serenades Tatum- and then to the Piano..

My Three little Fishies!
 And of course... More Swimming
Carter's SWEET cannonball

Lincoln's Dive..

 And Then Rain...

Outside in an Awesome Rainstorm. One love of Arizona, When it rains, it pours!

Kids and cousins cracking pecans
Uncle Brentos had his Golden Birthday.. the BIG 2 6

 One Last Chance to Swim
Kids last day of Swimming at Grammie and Papa's for 2012

We are sure going to miss that place....