Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big News

This is the CHEESIEST picture and not That great of a belly shot, but that is all Ben would do for me to take the picture. So hopefully it does something for someone, answers your questions to what I could possibly look like at only 17 weeks.

So on to the bigger stuff- I have slacked a little bit downloading pictures- I can't scan the US pictures so I have to take a picture of them and hope they work out. I got one of each baby and their different poses. All the babies are growing at about the same rate- A is the biggest at 6 oz, and measurements were a couple days above schedule and C was 5 oz a day behind, B was somewhere in the middle. So all and all they are doing GREAT and right on schedule. We had a very thorough US and the tech is very confident with the outcome of the genders.... the identical twins will be boys and the single is a girl. So YEAH!! That is the perfect combination we were looking for and hope they continue to stay on course!
Here is The single baby which is A since she is lowest to the cervix... I just learned that is how they'll label them at every ultrasound. She liked to wave a lot and always stick her head in the way..
And the next Mr. B- it probably doesn't look like much unless you have examined US before- but the top left is the head, then the body- and the middle to the right of the picture is of his legs totally stretched out with a little show-off part in the middle. Pretty sure they'll be Boys!
And last and highest in the stomach and top of the bunk bed is C- I think he is a little more confined since he is up top and next to my stomach that always has to have food in it and probably not giving him much room to move.. but still hanging in there. Supposedly we should be able to feel them move in the next couple weeks so something else to look forward to I guess. Thanks for reading!!!

Good Times!

We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary.. I don't think we look any different...... But we are still loving the married life and I am glad Ben finally proposed and now here we are with plenty to look back and and plenty more to look forward to.

And here's more fun pics from California. I liked my Dad's cheesy face as he rode the beach cruiser, so everyone else needs to enjoy too! Then me and Annie ready for the beach- and Graycee smelling the flowers. She is a professional at that and looks very cute- until she grabs the flower and it is not longer there to smell. Luckily she never did that to Porter's flowers- just to some at the outlets. It is a bummer to be home and no longer looking at the beach- but I guess that is how life goes right?? I don't know when the next time I'll get the chance to go to the beach- but I 'll need something to look forward to.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some from Cali....

Here are some pics from the trip to California. Porter's were nice enough to lend their beach house to my mom for the week, so of course the family had to come too! Mark, Annie, Gracyee, Brent, Dad and I made it Wednesday and have had a blast. Ben was gone on the Smilemakers Bus all week for school and has left me for a couple weeks, so I decided to take a break of my own. As much as I wish he would be here, I am still loving it!  Graycee is our main entertainment since she LOVES the water, but sitting on the beach works for me too! I am just dreading having to come home tomorrow and back to work!  Umm. other than Cali we have an Ultrasound on Tuesday and are hoping we will be able to find out the genders. We can post some of those pics, more of Cali- and you may even get one of me starting to show... My stomach is exploding by the weeks so I can't imagine what I'll look like in a couple months.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation in AZ

Here are a few pictures from us hiking to Reavis Ranch.. the long Wednesday hike- but it was still pretty fun. See- even Jimmy made it with us!

Here is Matt's graduation..... what a mess! Out of all the graduations I have gone to AZ, none have ever been like this. It was raining on and off all day, Gilbert thought about moving the ceremony inside but kept it outside for some reason. Here is Dan, Tyler, Kelli, Scott and Ben before everything started. Jim and Monica came with the kids but left once they found out no audio was feeding into the auditorium. Dan, Kelli and Scott lasted about 45 minutes. It just got too rainy and cold and was pretty miserable. Grandma and Uncle Tim did stay with Ben, Dad and me through out the whole thing. The crazy part was through all the rain, the Principal still had everyone speak- all 8 or so people. Parents were walking all over the field getting their kids some water gear, once some kids got their diploma's they took off for the car.. amusing I guess. We did find Matt to get a couple pictures and then were out of there.
Friday after graduation we headed up to Payson for a week getaway. I left Monday (Memorial Day) to get back to work but Ben stayed until the end of the week- giving him almost 2 1/2 weeks in AZ. And me alone in CO. But here is a picture of the boys Bolfing. It was A LOT of fun. I played a couple times- and the boys were very patient with letting a pregnant, wimpy girl play their game. I got to cheat and start a little closer and got more encouragement than I felt deserved. Those boys sure are fun to play with !! And Ben got a little crazy playing paintball with the terrain not being oh so flat- so he got a little sprain and took a cool picture! Very pretty...
Of course we had to take one with both of us, won't be too long before there won't be just both of us. Plus- my parents flew up for the day so they could take me home, so had to take a picture of them on our little hike/walk. I'm glad they got to come up and spend some time with them. I was down in AZ for longer than usual, but had a lot of McDowell time- but it is always good to have the Skousen's come around.
A lot happened on that trip, and it was great to be able to go home- But also great to get back to the house. Even if I was alone and going back to work. A little baby note- it is amazing how one day you don't look or feel pregnant and then the next morning that little bump doesn't go away and gets bigger. I was bummed Ben couldn't come home with me. I had another check-up... and everytime I go in I get an US to check the heartbeats. It was so fun to see the little babies squirm around. But then the next day I started looking pregnant. And then a week went by, and this week I really look pregnant. I don't feel far enough along to be showing- but the three little dudes are growing so that is a really good sign. Maybe next week I'll get to keep some pictures and update those that are interested!!