Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So if you haven't heard.....

I know it has been a while since Lauren (Hamblin Brown) posted her last pregnant picture, (Triplets??) but it was kind of funny to see. For those of those who haven't known- we have been interested in having kids for awhile. After patiently waiting and multiple appointments, We found out some exciting news about a month or so ago- that I was PREGNANT. So yeah! Now the funny part, to incorporate why I mentioned Lauren's blog, is as if now- I am pregnant with Triplets!! (Hopefully that won't change) So if I could only look half as good as how Lauren looked, that would be fantastic! For those who have known and have been waiting to see, here is the picture of our most recent Ultrasound. I am due to have plenty more in the weeks to come (since three makes High Risk and more appts) so maybe we'll get a better view and we can post that in the future.
The babies are labeled Twin A, B and C since the US machine doesn't do triplets. TW A is in its own gestational sac, while TW B and C are sharing a sac, so they are Identical Twins! Pretty crazy and a lot to take in... but you'll get over in a week or two and can be SO EXCITED like we are. All is well, I am doing great.. Just trying not to explode too fast and enjoy all the freedom and sleep while I can. Ben just finished his finals and has a little break to look forward to over Memorial Week before he starts the summer session and last year. YEAH!! Time flies when you're having fun I guess. He is super and excited and is going to be a great Dad!! I can't wait. He has already pointed out he won't be doing a lot starting next Winter.... snowboarding, golfing, biking- whatever else he usually wants to do, because he'll be spending all his time with me and the kids!! Talk about dedication and love!! My 40 week due date is December 4th, but the average triple pregnancy only makes it about 33 weeks with everything looking good. Let's hope so! I've got a Guatemala trip to go on in August. So if anyone is needing a break next Winter, you are welcome to come to Denver and hang out!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


First- I am so not good with the blogging stuff, so read the next post FIRST and then come back to this!!
Grand-Skousens were the longest married couple, so they got to dance!! Then Brent is by the surfboards for people to sign when they walk in, that Dustin made!! And Dad and Alyssa helping out!

The reception was fantastic. There was a total laid back-relaxing mood, the set up was great, the food was easy and tasty... When the sun went down the lights looked just perfect! I wish we would have gotten more pictures.. But hopefully you all get the point. So that was fun Saturday! Sunday I did a little hair at the Gonzalez's, then we joined Julie and D for some present opening and BBQ.

Then off to McDowell's for a little dinner and crazy fun with the McDowells.... and yah. Monday was a great relaxing day off, played around at Freestone Park, a little swimming in the pool to get some sun, and then the Flaherty FHE party. It was SO MUCH FUN!! I love going home to AZ, seeing all the family we can, enjoying the sunshine and heat. Hopefully will get to come home again soon and see everyone again! *and there is cute Gracyee!!

WeDdInG wEeKeNd

We are finally having something to write it with some excitement that happened in our lives. We made another trip home to AZ, the both of us, for a once in a lifetime occasion. Julie Skousen is now Julie Luchessi after marrying Dustin on Saturday and creating a wedding weekend. Congrats Julie and Dustin!! We are all so excited for you!! We wedding was Beautiful and the ceremony went really well. A couple of us walked down first, then Michelle's girls were the flower girls- and were very entertaining, so that lightened the mood a little bit. Then Julie looking Gorgeous as ever walked down and changed the mood again. After the wedding, tons of pictures were taken, the reception got some finishing touches added.
Julie front and center! And the sisters below!
Julie with Alyssa and Kylee