Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost there

We had the Ortho Graduation Saturday night which marked us down to one more year of school.. Yeah!! Great dinner and night out-- Plus Ben received 1 out of 2 scholarships that are handed out during their program. I don't know how much it will really dent our student loan amount- but something is better than nothing, right??? SO here is is with a fellow classmate, and the RMO rep on the right. Good Job Benjamin! Your hard work has really paid off this time!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I had a girls weekend, a few weekends ago and this is what Ben did with the kids while I was away.

What a good Daddy!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Papa's airplane... finally!!

One of my dad's few hobbies is flying.. We hated getting woken up at the break of dawn on saturday morning's, but it was kind of fun to fly to Payson for breakfast. Since there were more people interested in going, we didn't get to go every time. We felt like that was one of the few things to do with my dad- and have it be a pleasant experience. SO...... now having kids and knowing they love airplanes, cars... basically anything that moves and makes cool sounds I keep telling them to ask Papa for a ride. He usually just ignores them or tells them no because they are too young to remember. We've gone out a few times just to see it, and the other planes at the airport- and that was still fun. But our last day in AZ was Friday, and my dad only works half day and then works in the yard. Linc woke up from his nap and I told him to ask Papa to take us flying. I didn't follow Linc, but after a bit he was watching Papa clean the pool area, then I took him in and played on the diving board with him. My Dad comes around the corner and says "if you wanna go fly we better go now before the sun goes down." Sweet!! I loaded the kids in the car and off we went. I think they really were excited. Linc and Carter liked using the back/luggage door to get in. Tatum got the front seat so I could help the boys in the back- or just be able to talk to them.

Tatum couldn't really see out the window, but she was happy as a clam and just kept looking up at Papa talking to the Tower.
Boys started sharing a seat... but I switched us around a few times during the flight- put one on a pillow to raise them a bit, then one on my lap to see better.
Yep- flew by the Superstition Mountains, then over a few lakes..

Julie, Austin, Brooklyn and Grammie met us at the airport so Austin could come play, got a ride from the gas pump to the parking spot

Then the boys tried to help me pull the plane in... you can only imagine how helpful they really were! But they really loved it! Thank you Papa for taking us out! We called Ben on the way, kind of bummed he didn't get to experience that with us since he was already in CO. Oh well!! Hopefully he can join us another time! A Perfect Way to end our Arizona trip- and to prep them for the flight home since I had them all to myself! WE LOVE YOU PAPA!!

Cousin Fun

Back to more pics from AZ- by the Christmas tree

we had lots of fun with the cousins. My sis- and her 4 kids stayed at my parents house for a week with us, so the kids had a blast everyday. Someone new to play with every day. The kids put on some puppet shows, glued noodles outside, mainly just ran around in the back yard since the weather was amazing. We even got a cousin photos shoot in... got a cousin

Carter was in a grumpy mood- so he wouldn't join in.

Papa with all his grandsons... was doing hard work and just couldn't let go of the hat! And to get all of their attention, that were roarin

The girls..