Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little B-Ball

So this has been an exciting week I guess. Had some really good days, which is nice... and then some so-so days. But we are going home to AZ for a couple days to visit with the family so maybe that is why it has had something to do with it being so good.
but Anyway- Here are some pics from Ben's last Basketball game. He really coaches the puniest team- and there is 1 white kid??... They don't have too much of a chance at the tournament this week, but they have a lot of fun. And we are the gold team this week. So there was our exciting weekend!! Oh and we did see Fool's Gold the weekend before... I thought that was a good movie and would recommend it!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Now New News!

Here are some random pictures from our walk yesterday on the Golf Course. I don't know if you can tell, but we have a pretty cool view and it usually is a really nice golf course, more so when it is Green, but makes for nice walks. The Tree- it just looked so cool with the water frozen on it so it was really sparkly. Pictures never show things quite as well. But I took it, so I'm posting it.

Not too much new news, but I did have a birthday so that is always fun! I wanted to try out Texas De Brazil- and what better time then on your birthday. The best part was I found out is if you are an E-Club member you get a free dinner. Sweet! We definitely couldn't pass that up. It was super nice, and awesome food. We just ate more then enough meat for the week, but it's all good. The flowers up top are from the best friend- Heather. I had a surprise of that waiting for me on my table when I got home with some Balloons and a cake. SHe figured Ben wouldn't make a cake- so she hooked me up. Friday night we had friends over for cake, brownies and ice cream and Heather introduced Trey to Ice Cream so I had to take some pics. They didn't turn out as good as it was to really see his face flip out, but still pretty cute.

Then came and went Valentine's Day. Again, Nothing too exciting happened, but I didn't want to fix dinner so we went to Bennigans and then came home and watched a movie. Pretty low key and we don't mind that at all. But, when I woke up and as I walked down the stairs there was a card and a teddy bear in a hot chocolate cup. So I do have to give Ben props for not forgetting a card. It has taken some reminders over the years, but I am hoping he keeps remembering that I'll I really care for is a card. Love my Babe!
And Ben got a new V-Day tie, so he is just soo excited if you can't tell.

MLK Pictures.

Boys prepping up (left) and the battlefield below! Those watching had an AWESOME views of everything that went on.

Ben kept saying he would participate in the blog and post our MLK Day, but as usual he never got around to it so I figured I'd still put the pics up since they looked cool. We went to Oak Flats- (I think that is what it was called) just past Superior and played some slingshot paintball with the fam. It was a lot of fun. The moms and kids got to hang out in the dirt while the boys- while me, Jodie and Jessie got in on the fun. Matt left a good bruise on me that is still hanging around, but Everyone got some good shots off so it was a lot of fun!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tagged, Thanks Kelli!!

What is his name? Benjamin David McDowell
How long have you been together? October 2002
How long did you date? We dated about 5 months before we got engaged
How old is he? 27
Who eats more? I tend to snack a lot more, but Ben eats bigger portions. He can eat Cereal like there is no tomorrow!
Who said I love you first? Ben totally did. He was giving me my first Christmas present frm him on Christmas Eve- a heart necklace and afterwards it kind of slipped out. But he was thinking about it for awhile and I guess this was just the perfect time to say it!!
Who is taller? Of Course Ben, hopefully he'll pass those genes on.
Who can sing better? Well, Ben puts in good effort, but I have had more practice
Who is smarter? I would definitely pass that on the Benjamin- he is a GENIUS!! And my brain isn't getting smarter being a paper pusher at the hospital.
Who does the laundry? I was always stuck doing it, so we now trade off every week after I threw a fit.
Who pays the bills? I roll in the dough and Ben pays everything off. It works great for now.
Who sleeps in the right side? Ben- he gets the closer to the windows and blocks the sun for me-- I love SLEEPING!
Who mows the lawn? Of Course Ben again- he does Everything. I did it once here in CO...
Who cooks dinner? Who cooks- I hate cooking after work, but mostly me. Ben says he has to call patients.... blah blah. I try to make him help- it is only fair.
Who drives? I drive during the week. He gets spoiled and dropped off at school, but we still have to split the driving on the weekends.
Who is more stubborn? I guess me. Ben is never wrong so you can't be stubborn then right??
Who kissed who first? Props to Ben. Held my hand walking on the beach (not even dating- so I was shocked and loving every minute) Then we got to the end of the beach and he went in for the kill before we turned around and headed back to camp. It was pretty Awesome!
Who asked who out first? I asked him on the family trip to Rocky Point, and I guess that was our official first date. After that- he gave the first call in AZ and it was love ever since.
Who proposed? Of course the man, and he did a great, romantic job. Was a total surprise and very thoughtful.
Who has more friends? I'll take more in AZ, and he can have more in CO.
Who is more sensitive? I think Ben is. He likes to get very testy over the lame things.
Who has more siblings? It's a tie. He has 4 brothers and I got 2 of each.
Who wears the pants? I'll give it to Ben. I am too relaxed most of the time to take control. He's the man of the house and I like him having the responsibility to take care!! But don't you worry, I still get my say in things...

Hope everyone learned some fun facts about us. Let us know if you have anymore. Hopefully we'll update you with some pics this weekend if we do anything fun for President's Day.

And Annie S., I am curious to know your answers- how about you take a turn at being Tagged. Isn't that how it works!! Love all the pictures of Gracyee by the way!!