Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday. 3 3yr olds!!

Can't believe they are really 3.... They are a lot of fun to have around. We Love watching them grow and learn and imitate us or each other. They have a whole lot of impressive qualities... as well as some I hope they grow out of soon. Most of the time they love playing with each other, which makes my life more enjoyable. Aren't they cute!!! It snowed on their birthday and they LOVED IT!! They got snow bibs and snow jackets for their birthday- so it was perfect that their was snow for them to play in.

Good times!! Otherwise the birthday is pretty low key. We did have a movie night watching Despicable Me-- funniest movie ever (Thanks Dan&Kelli). These kids are totally the little minions. It was hilarious to watch with them as Tatum would start laughing and then the boys would join in and everyone is cracking up as the minions are whacking each other on the movie. I'm laughing at the movie because that is what these kids do- just start hitting and poking each other- then I'm laughing because the kids have such a sincere laugh from the movie. It was Fun!!

RRrrrrrr Mateys!

We had an awesome bday party of the kids last Saturday! It was Pirate Themed, as much as I theme things anyway.
Here is a sweet cake I made... Ben took the kids on a treasure hunt at a nearby park (thank goodness for perfect weather!)
Linc found the buried treasure then we found some more loot at home

And then a party of a bunch of kids decorating cupcakes! Best entertainment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin up..

I love the warm weather, but I also love this time of year. It is so gorgeous in Colorado and there are things to do and fun treats to bake. Love it! Our ward did a playgroup and this PUmpkin Patch and we know how to roll at the Pumpkin Patch..Boys are crazy, but they sure know how to have fun with anything. Even a Corn box!

(Don't you love Tatum peaking OVER her glasses instead of through..)

And we always love when Grammie comes to visit in October!