Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ben has a hobby..

Ben likes to play softball. He really wishes he could be in AZ playing with all his brothers, but isn't. So he got some guys together from school and joined a city league. They did all right. I think he had a lot of fun. (It gave him something to do so he'd stop talking about golf!) And I like to go out and watch, so it's kind of a win win. I just wish he would stop being in charge of organizing. But, you do what you need to get what you want.

Good Times!! He is joining another league this Fall where he isn't in charge- we'll see how that goes!! It was a fun summer having something to look forward to every week while he was still in school. We'll see how this next team does and if we can get out to watch...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Break starts

Ben finally got two weeks off- the one bonus to still being in school. We get breaks!! We headed to Elitch Garden's, we got some free passes for participating in the Library Summer reading program. Totally worth it, and piece of cake. Carter wasn't as into the slide or water in general as the other two- but we all still had fun. Tatum loves anything with water- so she especially had fun and helped Linc enjoy his time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Booth Falls/Lake

Our hike the 2nd day. And a thanks to Dan for getting us there!! It was a rough start; Ben, Grandpa and I carried a kid in the carrier- but Grandpa almost had a heart attack about 20 mins into it, so we took some breaks and kept walking. Luckily the elevation increase leveled out a bit until the end so we made decent time. The weather was great- overcast, but still warm and only rained on us for about 15 mins or so. Another beautiful place to check off of our list. We had never done anything up in Vail- it was fantastic and would love to do it again!

Hanging Lake

We did a couple hikes, a couple weeks ago- so here are the pics. They were beautiful and a lot of fun and we enjoyed having Grandpa and Grandma Paula with us to help out. The kids seriously love the outdoors, it is a blast to take them anywhere. We were told about Hanging Lake a year or so after we moved here, so we were excited to finally try it out. It was only a little over a mile, so we thought kids would do fine hiking/walking. We took one back pack just in case- and regretted that very soon. They wanted to walk, but are just so little and easily distracted by rocks to throw into the water, it was taking forever. I carried a little one on my shoulder for a bit, and Grandpa- Ben kept the carrier so he had a kid in there and sometimes a kid on the shoulders too. He tries to be Hard Core!! But we did make it and everyone was happy as can be! It was awesome and we understand why the lake is named what it is. This post just has pics from the Hanging Lake hike-