Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Taters???

This girl is on some wild/female roller coaster. Is every girl this spastic?? She has had a couple good days of napping and just being happy. Still has her cryouts when it is time for bed- but I can handle that. She is soo good at playing on her own or stealing the boys toys- but that is ok. If she is happy and the boys are too, let it be! She smiles a lot more as long as you don't push nasty baby food in her face (not liking Ben's creations so much). And when she wakes up before the boys she may just lay on your lap and stare at you. Every mom's dream! I'm hoping this is a new trend and not just a phase. She may just become an Angel Baby again. She usually doesn't take good pictures, but I thought this was a good one!! Especially the second pic with Linc's head poking over hers!! These kids are Great!!

No more High Cal leche...

We are learning which kids are photogenic and who's not so much. Carter usually has two looks. Chinese or Stonewalled. I think I got some good ones today. I came into the room after nap to him Standing. He can stand up all on his own!! Yeah! He has loved to walk around, but couldn't get there unless we pulled him up- hopefully he'll be more content now that he is even more mobile. So that was a big accomplishment! Next- he is getting chubby. The kids have never been chubby.. but look at this kids face!! And he doesn't even eat much, maybe a cheerio here and there, just loves his leche special. He's been on a higher calorie formula ever since he was born. At the 9 month check-up the doc said to keep it up until he was a year. I don't know about that, he already looks like a chinese chipmunk. We are excited he is thickening up- it means he is healthy! We love our Cart-Dawg!!

Look at those little Ben legs!

Love this Linc

I just love this kid. I love them all, but he just has the cheesiest smiles, and is such a good kid. Besides last night- he can fall right to sleep. He loves this Blue Dog (Thanks Lena)!! And even when you think he has lost interest, you check on him sleeping and it is always wrapped between his hands. He doesn't cry when he wakes up- and if he does it means he's been awake a long time in his crib. He uses Tatum to notify us he's awake. But when you walk in the room he is standing in his crib, trying to jump- with the biggest grin on his face!

Yep-I just love this kid.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy B-Days!

First off- BRENTOS!! Have Birthday little Bro!! I don't feel like you are so little now that you are engaged. Oh happy day. Can't wait to come home for the wedding. Brentos is a great kid and awesome brother. I guess being the youngest makes you a little more prone to helping out. Definitely not the spoiled of the clan, but most picked on because he always had to help us older sliblings- mainly doing the little errands in life that we didn't want to do. Just an all around good helper and I love talking to him about life. Families should communicate somehow, and it seems like I do it most often with him.

Second- Babies!! Not birthday, but month day. They are 10 months today. Crazy Fun!! Some high points.... Tatum is a crawling maniac, screaming fanatic, has 3 teeth, loves to push walker around and loves her Dadddy. Linc is getting closer to walking everyday. Gets very upset if you do not let him grab your finger so he can walk around, has 4 teeth because he slit his gums a bit and two upper teeth popped through the slit, loves to smile and be cheesy and is an Awesome sleeper/napper. Carter is our Cart-Dawg! Secretly wants to be Linc so he can walk around and pull himself to standing. Has gotten the crawling down, still only consistently eats Cheerios and loves to jabber away. He may have passed Tatum in weight so he is happily growing. We love having them around but wish they wouldn't grow up quite so fast. We Love our Family!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not Poor Tatum

Tatum has had a rough week. Had the fever for about 3 days, then a rash/hives for 2 days, then a crank ever since. Doesn't like to nap at all during the day and screams when you aren't holding her. Any advice. Girls are ridiculous.
Tatum went from this face...
to this in about 10 minutes. She gets soooooo worked up when she is tired, and you know she is tired because when she calms down she looks like she'll pass out when you set her down. But nope. When you set her down she starts all over again. Love the Boys at times like this!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poor Tatum

Poor Tatum. Our first real fever to deal with since the babies were born. We've been pretty fortunate to have minimal problems with triplets. Runny noses here and there with congested airways with coughs a couple times. But our first fever with Tatum. The sad part is she deals with it great and is Great. She plays happy. Sleeps longer, takes real naps. And cuddles. She is always moving looking for something to roll over or slobber on so it is nice just having her lay on you and will eventually fall asleep (so does Ben though!). She just looks so terrible, such a sad sick face. We love our Tatum but can't wait to see her enthusiastic face again.

I got Ben to take a feeding frenzy pic. He's had to leave early the past two weeks so I am all alone. And you can't hold off a baby that has slept threw the night and ready to eat when they wake up. Still can't hold their own bottles.... Then Carter. He is a crawling maniac. It is so fun to see him move everywhere and try to big like Linc and Tatum. Ben spoils Tyson every once in awhile since it is hot outside, which I think is disgusting to have dog hair everywhere, but it is fun to see the kids get so excited to see her. I thought this was a funny pic of Carter.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dad would be Proud!

I grew up in a house with plenty of house work to do and yard work. My mom took care of the inside while my Dad took care of the outside. However, we kids were taught to do everything- which I think is a good thing. We were taught to work. I know how to clean the house and knew the basics of cooking when I got married. My mom did well. My mom definitely encouraged the working but my Dad tried to force the outside jobs. I've learned gardening, we had to hoe in the garden everyday in the summer, and didn't care for that much. (I thought kids were supposed to sleepin in the summers) We had to help wash the cars pretty much every Saturday. We got to pick fruit to juice and anything else you do with the fruit. We also got to learn how to mow the lawn. Sometimes it was fun and others not so much. We did have a riding lawn mower, which was why it was fun sometimes. Now that I am on my own- not with parents- I haven't had to do any off that. Well, I guess I do wash cars and am usually the one to do the waxing on them too. But Ben loves yard work. Gets him out of the house with me, no kids to take care of, exercise, instant gratification- who knows why. I have been lucky enough to never need to take care of our yard. I helped once in CO, but wasn't good at the mower. Today I did my part and thought my Dad would be happy to see I still help mow the lawn and even with a push mower!

Baby Food

We've once again realized how poor we are and wished Ben was working. I had to do some catch up shopping for babies and between diapers, formula and food- they are coming out to be expensive. We miss the help and stored up items from showers. But it is what it is. Since we don't get out much (we tried sitters but Tatum had a rough night) and babes go to bed at 7:00 we did a date night on Friday of making Baby Food. What a good time, but don't know how worth it the time was spent. We wanted to make actual dinners for them and not just vegetables. I read off different combination recipes from the internet and Ben made up some concoction. We made a ton so have plenty reserved. And they like it!! Linc has been fighting eating unless it is a fruit. I think he likes the sweet stuff. But we were told they were ready for real food, and he is back to liking real food. Yeah!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Turner Pool

Here are some pics of the kids in the pool. It is amazing how much they love the water. I don't know what we are going to do in the winter when there are no pools. I hope the babes will still like the water after a long break. But until then....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Turner Falls

We went on an adventure this weekend. Decided to take advantage of our year in Oklahoma and started exploring. A friends recommended going to Sulphur or Turner Falls, so we chose Turner Falls Park. It was a lot of fun, and apparently the thing to do. It was Packed!!! We again spent time with the Carlson's and thoroughly enjoyed their company and help. There was a teeny waterfall where we could swim at the base, took a little walk since the jogger doesn't do off-roading like we hoped, watched Ben smack as he went off the slide, and crashed with our neighbors under their canopy. Yah- out of all the people in the park we ran into our next door neighbors. They come once a year and found the sweetest spot. You can swim anywhere in the stream, but this spot has a 3 ft pool, which is perfect to relax in and for kids to wade around. it was a lot of fun, I'll have to download my pics from the little pool- but thanks Chrissy for these pics...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Out and About

We made it to the Botanical Gardens Saturday late afternoon with the Carlson' s and Sorensen's. Always a good time to get out and see new parts of OK. Carter has just about got Crawling down. He can move forward with the right motions, but I think gets a little hesitant when Linc or Taters runs him over. He just isn't up to their speed. But here are more pics of the Babes. Tatum enjoying the luxury ride in her own stroller. She had a whale on her dress just like the whale in the lake...CrAzY.... And Ben got lucky enough to be in one too. Linc is such a cheeser for the camera, such a good kid!! (He really is smiling in both pics)
They are getting more and more crazy by the day and so am I!!