Monday, September 21, 2009

OK State Fair

Carslon's invited us to the State Fair with them- and after a long morning of rain we made it. It was a new experience for me. I've gone before in AZ, but for rides and for adults- no kids involved. This was a little different but fun to get out of the house and the kids enjoy their jogger if it is moving and things to see. There was definitely plenty to see. People and exhibits. We sat in on a Pig Race, one of the funniest things I've seen. In the pic below, I think the pigs were 5 weeks- racing around a track for an oreo.

The other show was a dog show. They were announced as having been on Letterman and Jay Leno and the Today show- I was impressed. Look at this dog balancing!! We were actually able to sit through both shows since there was a lot of movement going on.
On a side note--It is amazing how fascinated babies can get with the TV. Every morning they are suckered into it by ESPN, not by my choice of course. I figured I'd put something on specially for them. They don't sit that long but here they are watching Einstein. They won't sit if I'm not in the room, but it is something different for them and still new, and has allowed me to fold laundry without being harassed. Almost 11 months...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a week..

Here are some more pics to the end of our Labor Day weekend. Grandpa and the boys after church on Sunday... now we know where Linc gets his cheesy face for the camera from!!

Carter looked a little handsome in his button-up flannel shirt, fits in with the Okies! And Tatum in her beautiful dress from Grammie!! She has gotten to be so gitty, I am surprised there isn't a smile on her face. But still looks cute.
Monday we ended up back in the same place since we had so much fun. We did get the kids some floaty swim suits so we were all able to play in the water this time. It was Great! Here is the little camp we set up since we don't own any beach umbrellas or canopies. And Linc walking around the beach. Loves to walk, but only holding one hand and the other is on your pants/clothes.

Ben trying to read while holding Tatum, doesn't work so well. She moves TOO MUCH!!

The Fam left on Tuesday morning and then the real fun began. Carter just wasn't being himself that whole day. Luckily I have a new helper that comes over ever Tuesday. She basically held Carter all day. What a Gem!! He didn't eat much... but went to bed and figured he'd get over it. Woke up about 4:00a wed morning to him breathing fast and Loud. Held him for a bit and he just didn't calm down. Called the Pediatrician about an hour later and was told he needs to go to the ER, breaths shouldn't be over 50/min and Carters was 102/min. I got ready and a bag for Carter ready and headed to the ER. I have never been to the ER before as a patient so didn't know what to expect. Ben was at home getting kids ready, finding helpers for the other two so he could go to work.... got bottles made for the day, lunch set out, kids dressed and fed breakfast and people to cover for the whole day in case we never made it home. How awesome is he?? Luckily we had a bed in about 20 minutes, soon had a chest x-ray, some blood work/IV in and then napped for awhile. He was discharged a few hours later with bronchial pneumonia and ear infection. Poor Carter!! He didn't eat the rest of the day, puked at night.. but started eating the next day. Has been so lethargic, he just looks so sad. Luckily people were so willing to come over to help hold a kid so the others weren't totally neglected. A Friend happened to call while I was in the ER just to check on things and volunteered to bring dinner that night, Carlson's had it the next night, someone else just stopped by with take-out that we ate the following night. My goodness. I could not believe how blessed we were so quickly. It is amazing how people look out for others, I wish I would do better. He is just getting back to himself, and all the help was so needed and greatly appreciated. I sure hope the kids benefited from it-

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So Far Weekend

We are having a great Labor Day weekend. It started a little early since Ben's Dad and wife flew into town on Thursday night. We are so excited to have company- even the in-laws!! It's a blast to see family, have something to do and have some extra hands. The babes are really fun- so I think it is an exciting time to see them. Friday we visited Ben at work. I've never been to the VA and Dad McD wanted to see where Ben was which made it a perfect time. I could never do that by myself....yet. Plus- it gave them a chance to see a little more of OK. We ate pizza by the fountain and the kids LOVED it. They actually did really well eating out and about.

Then today we went out to lunch. OK is known for BBQ, tested it out, so good. Once again went good given all the circumstances. Kids ate while food was being prepared and then they snacked off us when food arrived. They liked the BBQ too!!

When the kids woke up from their afternoon nap we checked out Arcadia Lake. We have never been there and it is only 9 miles away. We weren't very smart though. Went to the lake and didn't bring swimsuits?? Don't know what we were thinking. But the rule is any kids (no matter the age) has to have a life-vest on or will get fined. Kids don't have them but still stripped down and had a ton of fun. We're training them to like Lake Powell in case we ever make it back. It turned out to be awesome-- so we did some shopping tonight and will try it out again on Monday since we didn't make other plans.( Carlsons..... we have to go when you get home!!) We love having Grandpa and Grandma here and hope they are enjoying it so far... off to watch College Football.