Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Day

And the boys played some Plaquita in an open space across the street after eating,
Go Ben!! Well, I know this is a late Thanksgiving shout- so Happy Holidays. Christmas is coming just around the corner and we are so not ready for it. We got our tree up this weekend (no ornaments yet) and some decorations. It is fun to decorate, but a little overwhelming thinking about cleaning up. But for Turkey Day Ben played football with people from the ward.. it snowed the day before and started out at 23 degrees and maybe made it to high 30's, so a little chilly. And Jen took Tyson for a mini jog, she (Tyson) needs to get out more since she has to stay in the garage when it gets cold and Jen just needs to get out. We had a potluck late Lunch with 3 other families- also from AZ and didn't want to go home for the weekend. It was a blast. We had one deep fried Turkey that was injected (marinated) with BBQ sauce and also an oven cooked. And our table doesn't look like much, but there was A LOT of leftover. Yum!!
Janette Hansen, Trevor Caffal, Emily and Brian Kleinman!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This was a fun weekend for us. We had a fun Saturday morning heading up to the mountains with the some friends. Well, 4 boys and 1 Girl.. what luck!! But here is our fun set-up. We headed to Bear Creek Trail, about 12 miles total. A little chilly, but no snow yet.....Good work out but the first mile and a half was ALL up hill. The two boys on single speeds definitely had a good lead on us, Bummer.... But it was still so fun.

After a ride in the mountains we took a break, then headed down to the Temple for a session and a cleaning. We volunteered to clean the temple after hours. It was a pretty cool experience. We toured the temple with little maps (kinda felt like a mission impossible scenario) and emptied trash cans, then used a leaf blower to dust off the trees insides, even in the celestial room. Yep- you heard right, a LEAF BLOWER!! Even used them in the lockers. It was a pretty neat.....

This is a cool sunset from our front porch, we have the BEST view!!
This has been a good week for Ben and Jen. Ben got to work in clinic a few days, Jen got to check in patients for the best procedure and also decided to chop the hair. What do you think??

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November and Perfect

Well, Ben doesn't think there is anything to tell so I guess it is up to me to up date the blog this week. The weather here is PERFECT right now. Has been in the 70's the past couple days, It is Great compared to things this time last year, The only downfall is there isn't a lot happening in the mountains either, but we sure hope there will get to be snow for snowboarding this year!! I made it home on Halloween for my annual Rocky Point trip with the fam. My brother was on the mission that past two years, so it was a mini family reunion for us. Everyone was there but the brother in-laws, (Ben waited to long to try and get school off) and the future in-law. Julie got engaged and came for a little bit, but no Dustin this time. So here are some pics from there. It was PERFECT!! (well, except for Ben not being there) It was a good little getaway from the real life, but too short as always..