Friday, December 18, 2009

Time Passing

I can't believe how fast time goes. We've been looking forward to Christmas- and it is almost here. What next? The Babes are becoming more and more lively so I've tried to spice things up a bit here and there. I am not creative, but I try to think of fun, different things to do that is new to them. I saved some boxes from Sam's club so that made for some entertainment for a day. Tatum pulled down the basket of headbands, so that made some fun entertainment for a bit..

I know- not very creative at all, but it works!We got our Christmas tree up. The kids wouldn't dare touch it the first day- then got more adventurous and daring as the days passed. Now they have no fear of the lights or ornaments and like the show the tree who's boss! We are working on turning the guest room into a kids room...( since we never get any visitors) and the kids love it! Which also means I love it! The bed on the floor is a big hit. We may just keep it there and if someone comes- they'll have to sleep on the floor (on the mattress of course). Since we don't have stairs, this has also taught the babes how to properly get to a lower level. Carter still likes to attempt to just walk off.. still doesn't end well. They are also learning how to throw and how to do a somersault. All a work in progress. And last- we made it to our Ward Christmas Party. Started out a disaster while trying to eat- but ended up pretty good. By the time the program started the babes were so tired since it was way past their bedtime. We managed to change them while the primary kids were singing (then not everyone heard the cries while getting pants changed) and the boys rested on their Dad, while Tatum was wiggly with me. Santa made an appearance at the end and Ben felt it necessary to get a pic. I guess the boys were fine for the first 30 seconds, but by the time I made it up with Tatum... the picture tells it all. But- they got a picture with Santa so that is awesome!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reading Frenzy

I have to brag a little bit about these kids. They are getting so fun and a whole lot easier. Ok, not brag but rejoice. They love books. That is such a good thing because we have a mini collection, but there is enough to go around. Toys- someone wants what another has and we don't buy three of everything so there tends to be bullying, usually from Tatum. Books provide good entertainment as well as learning.. I hope. So here are a few pics from two different occasions of them "reading". They are pretty awesome at flipping pages too. And if I start saying the lines from a book- they know to get that book, or something similar to. But that first pic of Linc cracks me up. He is such a cheeser for the camera... but after the smiles he just starts making the goofiest, kind of retarded faces. It is hilarious. What a character.

Friday we went up to Stillwater and had my Aunt show us around a bit- then made it to a late lunch at the hot eating joint, Eskimo Joes. It was pretty tasty and would have no problem going back. But- my Aunt got the kids some new outfits, they are awesome! So here they are supporting Eskimo Joe's. Oh- and Lincoln again. He decided to take a dive off the curb and rub his face into the street. The fall looked terrible, I thought he would have a broken a nose or cracked the head. I am amazed that this is all that happened. A scrape on the nose and over the left temple. He cried for maybe 30 seconds and decided he had nothing to complain about because he was able to roam free in the front yard.... a luxury to be out of the house!