Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't know why- but I've stalled to post. I think I am trying to use time to pack, so can't justify blogging when I should do something else. Oh well. Here is the next day of our trip. There were just so many pics to post- all would tell the whole story but that would take more time than my little heart desires. So here we go. We started out at the Visitor's Center so the kids could release some wiggles. Here is one of the original suns that was on the temple. I don't know how it was preserved, but amazing. How'd they do this back in the day..??
Then we went on a wagon around Historic Nauvoo. That was a good part of the day.
The kids were tired from little sleep the day before so they fell asleep and we got to enjoy the narration of Nauvoo. This is a picture from Parley Street- or the Trail of Hope. Still can't believe the mormons were kicked out in the cold and left having faith there would be a place for them to go. The temple is in the background, a sad sight to leave and walk away from. So much hard work was put into the building of that Temple.
A Barge to cross the Mississippi..
The park for kids to learn Pioneer games. Ready to play after the nap..

Oh- not just the kids. Who do you think won?? Pete or Ben....hummm, tough call.
In the Smith Cemetery..

After we were done wandering for the day and all the shops were closed we took a walk down the trail.. There were quotes from different people all along, this is one Ben really liked. It was amazing that people could walk away from all they had to no where.
I don't know how they did it. We could not keep these kids under control for the short walk to the River.

Playing in the Mississippi, the end of the Trail of Hope, Trail of Tears...

Our night pics...

They sure had an amazing view over the River though..

The last place we visited was Carthage Jail. The missionaries give a tour and insight on the events that occurred there.

Don't really know how to close... I was glad to have the opportunity to visit and know a little more about the circumstances, and what the Pioneers of the Church went through. So much was sacrificed for so many. I wonder if we would be able to do that now...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Independence, Liberty and Far West

We made our trip out of a long weekend. Even though there was supposed to be severe storms the day we were to leave- we still left. We drove out about 3AM.. easiest to drive when kids sleep even if we don't get to. Made it to Independence around 8AM ( I think) and stopped for breakfast. Got ready for the day and headed to the Visitor's Center. We took a little tour, but of course the playing at the end was the highlight for the kids and most camera appropriate. Here are the kids in the wagon and ready to go!

Across the street from the Visitor's Center was the Community of Christ church (RLDS) which had a very elaborate building. From what I learned, this was built for Christ to come down when he returns... humm. But the land dedicated for the temple is also owned by that church and is just off to the left and across the street from this building. We'll all have to watch how that unfolds in the future.
Next stop was Liberty Jail.
I am not a history buff- It is good for me to see the actual locations of where things take place so I can put it together with what I read and try to remember. I was just shocked at how this jail is set up and the living conditions.
Yah, I've read about it but I guess never got a good picture in my head. On our tour, we were told most prisoners only stayed here for a few days, so the terrible conditions usually weren't a big concern. Well, The Prophet and others were here for months and months. Amazing people survived. The Boys being in jail..

And off to Far West. Did everyone else know this Temple Site is in the middle of no where? I had no idea. It was a beautiful area. The cornerstone's are all in place and ready to be built upon. Kids were all asleep in the car (even Pete had to be woken up) so it was a quick stop.

We tried to make it to Haun's Mill- but the civic just wouldn't have it!
We stopped in Kirksville to eat and play with Chrissy's sister which was a blast and perfect break for us. The roads were a little to crazy and bumpy for us. Linc's stomach didn't handle it too well, so we calmed down and had a chance to clean up and eat some yummy food. Then finished our drive to Nauvoo. We were driving along the Mississippi and knew Nauvoo was coming up, but you turn the corner and the Temple is just glowing at the top of the hill. It was Amazing!! A great greeting to the city. I'll have to get some more pics up the next time a get a break and don't want to accomplish much. So until then..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nauvoo Preview..

Just a preview... We took a road trip to Nauvoo and wanted to share a favorite photo. (well, picked two) After I get back in the groove of things I'll try and get some more pics and tell of our good times. Or I'll see if Chrissy does it first and send you to her blog!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lucky to Have Julie

Here are the kids with their first popsicles. Linc was too distracted on the tricycle he wouldn't hold onto his so no pic for him. He didn't mind...
Plus-Some more updates. I love having family visit... but Julie is one of a kind. Maybe it is because we are so alike it just works. She is relaxing to have around and always jumps right in to help. Plus- she is awesome with any kids so it is fun watching her play with the babes and watch them laugh and play. A different perspective I guess. Anyway- it was a fun weekend for me. Hope she enjoyed it. I don't like to keep to busy- but don't want company to get bored. Here is the afternoon she flew in, just chilled in the backyard.
Then headed out front with the neighbors. They brought out a sprinkler and Tatum had a blast. The boys were hesitant to get in, but Tatum was all over the place. She LOVES water! Yeah. Now we just got to be somewhere that has warmth majority of the year.... hmm...

We made it down to the Oklahoma City National Memorial where the bombing took place back in 1995. They actually just had their 15 yr mark in April. The city has turned that into a really neat place to walk around, very serene and beautiful. I had to get Julie out of the house so this was a good place to take kids.

Here Tatum thought she would squeeze under the garage. I had just shut it so I could go inside and they could still play- but left a crack just for a little breeze. I went inside, and when I came back out she had already gone out and was crawling back in... crazy girl.

Then Julie had all the kids posing, by the time I made it Linc and Flung himself out of the pic. Oh well, still got a cute one of Tatum, Austin and Carter in their Eskimo Joe shirts. One day we went up to Stillwater to see my Family and ate at Eskimo Joe's. It is the hot spot/joint to always eat at.. gotta get the shirt!!

Thanks for coming Julie!! We loved having you here and miss the extra company!
This weekend we have some more fun stuff planned.... we'll see how it goes. We've gotten the severe weather warnings all week, Monday there were tornadoes all over the place so we hope for better weather as the week progresses!!