Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love it..

Love when family comes to visit.
Get to see pretty things and got to meet my new niece! Thanks Lucchesi's for coming to visit-. Glad you endured the long drive and the long weekend.We loved having you here and so hope you'll come again!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Little creek close to our camp sight..
Ben was trying to teach the boys how to throw
And teach them how to be dangerous and live on the edge.

they just kept getting more and more wet, and ended up like this. Yep, naked children!This is Bison Valley, or Lamar Valley (all the same)- Buffalo are everywhere. We were a little nervous at times with not knowing how they can react to people- but got some good pics out of it nonetheless.

Our camp sight. Kids are eating and staring at a sweet rainbow. Ben started packing- and of course it rains for 10 minutes- just long enough to make it miserable to pack up camping and go on a long drive. Good times!!

On our way out we saw a ton of people at a pull-out. A bison dies a few days earlier and floated down stream (so the story goes) so here is a bison carcass in the river, a Bear is eating off it and a pack of Wolves is on shore trying to snag some pieces from the bear. that was AWESOME to watch.How some days went with kids.. Thanks Daddy for being a good sport.
Our last lunch stop in Yellowstone, next to Yellowstone Lake. That is huge too-

Tatum totally throws like a girl... But is SO DANG CUTE doin' it!

After days and days of driving, still happy.
The highlight of the trip... Jacuzzi! Thank you Gerrolyn! We Camped the first and last night- which was fun, but this place was WAY better..

That was our trip! Awesome huh?? I wish we had another something planned a lot sooner to be excited for. We'll see what the new year will bring! Adios Yellowstone (As Tatum said "Pinkstone" and Carter "greenstone" What kids think up on their own!)

One more??

Gibbons Falls..
Some Cascades route where we stopped for lunch, how everyday went.. just pull over and eat somewhere.
An elk we saw off the side of the road...

This is Yellowstone River... gorgeous and humongous.

Artist Point- gorgeous stop with a little walk to this view. Isn't it awesome! This is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

We hiked to the Upper Brinks Falls, it was steep switchbacks the whole way- maybe a little over a mile hike, but 600ft difference in elevation- kids rocked!! As long as Tatum had the binoculars she was fine. Coming up, Lincoln just started cruisin' and nothing phased him. He past a few older couples.. it was seriously awesome and so impressive. these boys...

Ben loved this view... so had to stop..But at the same time every area was unique in it's own way. The kids loves playing in any water that was around- and the weather was sunny and warm so it allowed us to get in.
Here is a Bison we saw just cruisin' along the side of the road on one of our days home..Norris Basin Geyser.. And I think this was at the Mud Volcano? See?? Start to look a little alike..