Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow- random

There is a lot going on and I always wonder how much kids really pick up on it. Last weekend we went camping for a few days, then came home and packed for a few more day so the house was total chaos. Then we left everything they knew to drive 15 hours to Arizona. Luckily they know Grammie but have been reintroduced to aunts and uncles and cousins.... tried out a new nursery with no luck. Kids are having meltdown after meltdown. Overall they seem happy, but I don't know if they understand how much things are different or maybe they just miss their Dad.

Ok- so enough rambling. The kids, my mom and I left Oklahoma for good on Friday. I am so sad to leave. I loved our nieghbors, I was just getting to be comfortable with the friends I had made, church had order and the kids loved their nursery friends and leaders. On the other end- I am glad to have a house packed and not have to do any loading or last minute anything. Ben is stuck doing that by himself and whoever else he can sucker into helping. Then he'll drive our belongings to CO and then make a visit to come see us in AZ. I think that is when the real vacation will begin. I miss having him around, but I think the kids miss him more. When they say "Dada" while driving in the car in hopes that he'll show up- only to call Ben's brother "dada". Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. That is what we have been up to. The kids still love being outside and love swimming so that is what I think we'll be doing for awhile. However- I am just glad to know this move will involve moving back to a known area with people we know. So for the meantime I guess we will enjoy our break in AZ and hope to see friends and family while we are here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I LOVE MY BABE and FATHER to our Babes. Here is a pic today on our camping trip. He is such a fun guy to watch play with his kids. He does a fantastic job, I'm lucky to have him! Happy DAY!!

Sprint Triathlon

I completed my first race of any kind. Yah- back in the day I'd do a 5k here and there, maybe a 10k- but running never got me excited to do it again. A few friends we've made in Oklahoma have done a sprint triathlon and got me interested in trying it out. So- I signed up for it and did it! I was a little bummed to not have anyone to join in with me since I had to go in blind- but in the end I was ok with it. I had no one to impress or compete against, just getting my feet wet and experiencing the first on my own was awesome. I would love to do one again. Ben wasn't planning on coming, he took the day off so he could watch kids. Then the day before he changed his mind- so I tried to find someone to come over at 5:45 so he could come with me- that fell through, but still found a girl/friend to come over later in the morning. Ben had everything ready to go so when she showed up he loaded the kids and showed up. I was way stoked to see him waiting for me when I got out of the pool. Then at every transition I saw him and the kids playing. And then when I got their attention as I went by- they would say "mama, mama" It was awesome. Got me pumped up! Anyway- good times, good times!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carter loves his seat-drop

Just thought these were so awesome of Carter. He seriously, Loves to seat-drop. He started this trick when he jumped on his mattress and now does it everywhere. He did get a bruise on his rear recently, also does this on the ground- crazy kid. But look how much fun he has in the water!!

And Again..
Nice Height and good form!