Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here are some pics before we make it out of the garage. Waiting for the door to open..
We have been lucky to have some awesome neighbors here in Oklahoma. I am going to be so sad to leave.. The friends next door have two boys and one just turned 2, so close to the babes age. We tend to see each other outside a lot and the love to entertain one another. The kids favorite part, I think, is their toys. They kids like to trade toys. As soon as Lincoln sees the neighbors garage open he runs for a bike. This is usually the first he'll go for,
but if it is taken this is next best!

Carter is a riot outside. He loves to throw balls, and every once in awhile he can actually catch one. His face says it all...
What a happy kid!
Now back to mowing. The kids have to do what their Dad is doing. This time was funny because they actually ran and got their mowers and started following him in the lawn.
Except here they got a little sidetracked and took off down the street. Oh well. The usually come back...
Then today the kids were being silly as usual. Trying to see how many could fit onto my picture box... What cheesers.
The video is our Sunday morning fun. Why do kids think adults are playground? They are constantly climbing up and trying to get over. Either way, they were having fun climbing all over Ben. It is a good thing he love his Babes and they love him. It sure makes for some good home entertainment!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Puzzles

These were the Easter prizes the kids got in their baskets. For some awesome reason they Love Puzzles. Carter is a pro and getting pieces in and out. If they get restless and bored and start bugging me- I can ask them to get their puzzles and off they run for at least 30 minutes of entertainment. Fantastic!

And I am at the MAC store learning how to use my new iMac and am learning new tips so I decided to add a video. I hope it is good since I haven't watched it since I recorded it.. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Car Washing

if you haven't noticed, we like to be outside whenever possible. So why not wash the car and be productive?? The kids love to do whatever I do or their Dad too, I guess. So here they are playing/helping us wash away. We weren't planning on having them get wet, but it was just so windy that it couldn't be avoided. Tatum was soaked, and loved every minute of it.

See- Tatum loves getting messy... water,food- who cares! Here are some random pics. Tatum pointing to her nose, since I asked her. They are helping clean up their blankets and putting them in their bed. I love shorts- These boys just look so big in them.

Easter weekend

Back to Easter. We had a pre-Easter egg Hunt just so I could get into the spirit. Ben had to work that Saturday so it was me and the kids for the Easter weekend and Conference. Luckily it was a perfect weather weekend so we had plenty of outside time. This first picture of Linc- funniest thing to watch. These kids really get slap happy and creative. He was putting that rake down the slide, Tatum would hand it up to him and they would just keep going. Obviously- he thought it was HILARIOUS! The next picture of Carter- he found an egg and figured out how to break it open and eat the jellybean. He'll do anything for candy.. Easter Morning we took a walk and headed to the Park. It was a little windy, but overall BEAUTIFUL! I was also surprised to find no one at the park, it was only 10:00a. We threw some eggs around and tried to get them to carry the bucket and put eggs in. Tatum is a pro, so loves to pick things up and throw it in a bucket. Or she just likes to have things that no brother is allowed to steal from her. So between egg searching and playground playing Linc found this ladder and decided to play on it. (It is stuck on bottom and I can not move it up.. so the last picture). Ben decided to test their strength on the monkey bars. they loved it! Our little gymnasts are preparing themselves for what is to come.. well what I would like them to enjoy. All in all, it was a fun weekend! Hopefully next year they'll be a little more into it- so I can get a little more into it. I guess for the moment it is good, we can stick to the meaning and purpose of Easter Season.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter... to come

I just wanted to get some new photos up here. We are so overdoing taking pictures- but it is a lot of fun now that we get out of the house and the kids do more exploring. So here you go. We recently got some new outdoor toys- but tested them out inside while they were clean. My favorite is how the kids legs dangle at the table. Love it. And Tatum loves to push the lawnmower- might as well learn young. We did make it on a mini easter egg hunt at the park and the kids learned a new trick- but that post will have to be next after the picture get uploaded. Hope everyone has a good Easter!! Gotta love Carter's face.