Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lake Powell pics

Our Lake Powell trip in reverse. I am too lazy to fix it and just excited to have some fun pictures to share..

The whole Flaherty Fam..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Powell

I am a little bummed I still can not download any pics. I keep hoping my mom will get a new computer so I can- oh well. But we spent a fabulous week at Lake Powell, the week of the 4th. It was a little crowded when we got to Lone Rock, luckily some other family had saved us a spot. After getting stuck a few times we finally set up camp on Friday night (2nd), got kids eating and settled and put them to bed. We figured after we arrived and got settled everything would work out fine. And yep- kids slept in the heat box trailer and woke up with the sun. We had early mornings, fun days in the sun, tubing behind a boat, kids throwing rocks in the water, eating sand, volleyball games... just hanging out. I've learned to love Lake Powell. The kids did great as long as they got their naps, had a hard time getting to sleep at night- but all worth it. Oh- they had a hard time adjusting to other people. The first couple of days were a mess, there were so many new faces it kind of freaked them out. By the end of the week there were a few cousins they would play with which totally helped us out. But- there Daddy was back so that helped out a lot. Anyway- I am just sad it went by too fast. We have plenty of pictures to show off though!

Then last week Ben and I just got to hang out and not have much to do. I enjoyed keeping it relaxing since Ben had to go back to work this week. We swam just about everyday. We tried Dan and Kelli's floaties out on the babes- and they LOVED it. They would wade around all on their own- so they are a little more independent than I like, but it makes life a lot easier. I don't have to be all over them constantly, just always have to watch. But they jump off the side, off the diving board, Linc loves to go under the water and search for diving sticks! They are so amusing. They are becoming quite the chatter boxes too! I just wish we could understand anything they are saying. They love being at Grammie's and Papa's and running around their ginormous yard. Only a handful of days left before back to reality...