Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good old days in the house..

Other activities have involved blocks and climbing the mini love sac. The kids love climbing and head banging on pillows. The mini love sac meets both passions. Tatum here has conquered. A great accomplishment for Tatum, she built this tower all on her own with no encouragement or help. We've been trying to teach them to build and not just destroy- I guess they do catch on when they want. Did you notice in most of the pictures Ben is facing the same direction- this is what he was doing...Carter has conquered the block bucket. Then Lincoln in their tent. They love to play peek-a-boo, or just get away to play on their own. Another great toy (thanks for Grammie also) is this bead toy. I always see people have them or offices of sorts, but have never seen little kids playing with them. Then again I don't get out much anymore... but Linc especially seems to love this thing. And this was funny so I had to grab a picture. We try to play in their room as a change of scenery. Tatum and Linc, usually one, will crawl between their beds and play peek-a-boo with the other. Carter tends to play well on his own when Tatum isn't harassing- so he doesn't usually join in. But this time Linc headed back, then Tatum followed- Carter decided it looks fun so joined in. The happiness lasted for about 2 minutes, really they were laughing. As I got back with the camera, well, Tatum's face says it all. She wanted out. Carter isn't the most stable so it took a little bit of time for him to try before I intervened. The dramatic Tatum turns little problems into total chaos. Either way it was funny to watch them explore and try to problem solve.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Dayz

We got to experience our first Oklahoma ice storm and snow. Luckily we missed the first storm over Christmas.. and this one was not as bad as anticipated. So here are so fun pics from our day, since Ben didn't have to go to work! But this first pic is the end of Thursday- when it was just ice and no snow yet. Then you can compare as to how much snow came down on Friday.- Then enjoyed on Saturday.

Tatum fell off of the sled-- I think she was too cold and wet to actually care. But still loved it all the same~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And the big celebration

So the whole reason I stayed for so long, was for Brent! Congrats to my little brother for getting married. Ben flew back in Friday in time for the party to begin. SO here is the whole Skousen fam. after the groom's dinner. We are getting to be a big family, I love it! There is chaos and kids all over the place. Then the boys gathered for one last outing with Brent as a Bachelor, and I hear it was a fun night! They got married early afternoon so it was perfect outside, everyone was well rested. Here'r our fun family!! Then the happy newlyweds. Brent married Lacey Lines- and we are happy to have her in our family. I just wish we were around to see them more and watch the beginning of the marriage. Our Angel Tatum is back and looks like she is sticking around. She has been the happiest, crazy girl. She still screams for no reason, but will just randomly laugh. She thinks she is just so funny! Carter practiced kicking around a soccer ball over the break. And since the kids were outside playing with the Bentley's while we were in the temple- it was supposed to be good entertainment. (Chanda and Kelli- you guys are the BEST!! You made the day go much smoother than I anticipated. ) Then to the reception. It was held at the gorgeous Cardon house.. it looked perfect. It was simple with a relaxing feel. Here's my Dad showing off on of the tables. Brent with a part of his new family. My mom with Tatum. Doesn't she look great! All the kids married and out of the house. The happy couple ready for the night to be done.... And the Luchessi's. They are a blast and so fun to be with! It was so fun to see Austin and take care of him a bit. Hopefully he'll remember me whenever I see him again. He's got to be good friends with my kids one day.. And I think that about covers our excitement for the year. We will miss our AZ friends and family. We hope someone will come visit us in Oklahoma so I don't get lonely. Happy New Year!

NO Ben

Here is the next portion of our trip. I continued to have a good time, but all around- Ben was missed and missed out. He went back to freezing Oklahoma to go back to work, while I had a blast in AZ. Another bonus to not working. I think the kids got bored with me, but luckily there was plenty of others around willing to hold a kid and entertain them to relieve me and them. We swung almost everyday, rode in the wagon, played in the leaves, took a walk to the park one day- the kids LOVED the sand,

(Linc would just wander around, I love it! He enjoys exploring)

.. just kept a fun busy going. Michelle and her kids came for a week so everyday was a cousin party. And I'll remind you- Ben was stuck in the ice and snow all by himself. Who really feels bad?

(Look, I can rock with no hands!)
( Tatum didn't take a nap this day... what a crank, but thankful there was a swing around)

I also got to give Austin his first haircut- if a buzz is even that. Love doing hair! I get to be included in memorable events!
I miss it already just looking at the pictures. It is still too cold in OK to go outside. Blah.