Sunday, November 23, 2008

All are Home

We took some pics of the babes (Carter, Tatum, Lincoln) today since all three are now home and we have family here to help with the chaos of feeding and getting them to sleep. Also meaning we have help to take pics and clean up spit when it comes up. So here are some updates... Tatum and Linc are almost 6 lbs and Carter is about 4.7. Not too far behind so we are trying to feed him a little more and get him on the same schedule so he can attempt to catch up to the other two.
Here is Michelle's 4 month old Logan- he looks like a Monster next to Carter. And below is our Angel Tatum. Annie made some AWESOME head accessories so we tried out a couple.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We have made it through a week with Lincoln and Tatum... Kind of getting the hang of things. Still trying to figure out the best time to take a nap, Poor Ben gets up at night too and doesn't get much of a nap in during the day with school and visiting Carter so we may become a mess here pretty quick. The much help from friends has been GREAT!! So thank you thank you. Folding Laundry or emptying the dishwasher- letting me nap.. Holy Cow, it is such a relief to have awesome friends. Lincoln especially loves the attention, it seems he can't get a good nap in unless it is in someone's arms. Now that we've got a pattern with two- We have news on Carter. His surgery went well last week. All was accomplished that was supposed to be and he got moved from the CICU to the NICU sooner than expected. He decided he would pull out his own breathing tube, so they thought he was ready to heal. Then he decided he didn't want to breath everyonce in awhile so he got the CPAP and then Tubed again for a day. Monday the docs decided he was doing well enough to pull out his IV's that were all over the place and his feeding tube- having the nasal cannula handy when needed for breathing but able to eat everything on his own. Today Ben calls to say he is ready to be discharged Friday morning. Good news... it should be. But- Ben is leaving for an interview, My fam. is coming back Friday later in the day, Linc and Tatum have doc appts Friday afternoon, and I am supposed to be picking Carter up in the morning?? We'll see how this turns out. But we are excited Carter has improved soo fast and we won't have to be making trips to the hospital to see the Little Trooper. So that is that. We'll try and get some pics of the three of them again when they are all back together!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Home

So we are a little slow with updating everyone on the big news, and people have asked so I am skipping a quick nap to give everyone some notice. Tatum has graced us with her presence- was discharged Sunday afternoon. We got our first family photo in Carter's room; Bob, Terri, Fern and Jay were even there to join in the blessed event!! (And my mom of course, she is included in everything this week!) Poor boys are already being overruled by the sister.

And Ben with his Boys!! Lincoln on the left, Carter on the right!
Lincoln's first time in his carseat- doesn't he look comfy!! (and like an old man?? He has filled out over the past 5 days though..)
Tatum's last feeding in the hospital. She just had the cutest and biggest eyes when they open up! That is our Angel!!

Carter is scheduled for his Coarct repair tomorrow and we'll see how he recovers. It has been a good adjustment with two babies... yes amazing. We have adjusted from having one baby for two nights and now going to two. I don't know what people complain about taking care of only one baby for! I still have no idea how we are going to manage with three. I realize we will be up for anyone coming over at night to help- or even during the day so I can get a nap in.

And one other landmark event- they got their first bath tonight and both Loved it!! Both totally chilled, stayed up for a bit, ate dinner and passed out sleeping. That is AWESOME for Lincoln. Yes- he is our rock star boy, but loves grunting at night instead of sleeping. I'll get those pics later....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lincoln is Coming Home

The last couple of days have been full of progress and happiness for the family. We were glad to have Dad McDowell up for the weekend. Here he is holding Lincoln. Carter is still as cute as ever and loves to be held by his Dad (he likes his mom too, but Dad is best!)

As for an update -

Lincoln is coming home today and was circumcised (ouch!) today. Over the last week he was moved to an open crib, wore his first clothes (doesn't he look like an old fisherman?), and got his low jack placed on his leg so he couldn't be stolen. He is eating well and growing (gained 7 ounces in the last 6 days) and his cheeks are starting to fill out. He continues to be our little Rockstar.

Tatum is now over her infection, off all the ventilators and assisted oxygen and is now taking bottle feeds. She is so much happier. She was very cranky with the tubes down her throat - often inconsolable as she pulled and pulled on the but couldn't make them budge. On Tuesday we were able to hold her for the first time - precious moments. She is now in an open crib and in clothes as she is regulating her own body temperature as well. With how much progress she is making we are hoping she will be coming home in a couple of days.

Carter is also doing well. He is over at Children's Hospital and will have his surgery Wednesday morning. The plan is to repair his coarct, close his PDA, and place a band around his pulmonary artery to narrow it slightly. The goal of all that is to improve his blood flow, improve breathing and allow him to grow well for the next couple of months. Later, (anywhere from 2-6 months) he will have his VSD (he actually has 2 of them) closed and the pulmonary band removed when he will be bigger, making it safer for him to be placed on a bipass machine for the next surgery. We are confident in his doctors and expect it all to go well. Hopefully he won't be in the hospital too much longer.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Update

Another little update before we head out to the hospital yet again... Tatum is doing much better so thanks everyone for the love. She is now on a regular ventilator. She improved enough to get off the osscilating ventilator (a more heavy duty option) - and they are successfully weening her off several of the medications she has been on as she is improving. Carter looks like he is doing really well - breathing room air and no more bili lights to sunbathe under, but was transferred over to Children's Hospital - a ten minute walk from where Tatum and Lincoln are staying. He has what is called a coarctation of the aorta that if not corrected could have some serious problems (but fortunately is not affecting him a whole lot right now). The neonatal cardiac team at Children's is one of the best in the country so he will be in good hands. In a couple of weeks he will have a surgery to repair the coarct and at the same time they will fix his ventricular septal defect and his patent ductus arteriosus. It all sounds like a lot and is, but the doctors have reassured us that with the surgery he won't be set back a bit and will not be affected in the long run - such great news. Linc is our little rockstar. He is no longer aided by IV feedings, maintains his body temp well and is eating a ton. Hopefully he will come home soon. As is, we should get him home first, then sis later and finally Carter. I guess the kids want to break us in slowly.
Thank you for all of your prayers, support, thoughts and kind words.