Monday, January 26, 2009


Ben applied for a pediatric dental program a bit ago and today was the day to find out if he gets in. The anticipation has been wearing on us so we could know how to plan the next two years of our lives...But no Dice. No school accepted him and we'll have to talk about some new options on what to do and where to go. But hopefully soon we'll be able to inform people on our exciting lives and what will go on.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yeah For Linc!!

Carter is officially home and healthy and shouldn't have any more surgeries. He made it home on Tuesday and it has been an interesting transition. He was a little spoiled while in the hospital, which is understandable since he just had his chest cut open- but makes it difficult to spoil him when there are two other needy babies. So I do what I can to keep him happy and try to be extra careful. However, he is a little moody. First pic was him having a blast - when he gets excited his tongue sticks out and moves all around- just a happy kid. Second pic is shortly after the first was taken. His pouty, bottom lip will quiver a bit; he is an emotional roller coaster so the binky is his best friend right now. Either way- we LOVE having him home!
Now the yeah for Lincoln part.... This morning he got some tummy time which is seems to really enjoy. He has been able to hold his head up for awhile, remember he is the tank. He is a strong kid, but he decided to roll from his stomach to his back all on his own- nothing touched him- wasn't even trying to encourage him since it is a little early but so exciting. He loves sleeping on his stomach- so he is getting closer to being able to leave him.

Dear Aunt Annie

Thank you for making me some beautiful bows with gigantic flowers. I am starting to grow into them and can't wait to get around to all of them. Can't wait to meet Graycee and Ryker!
Love Tatum

Monday, January 19, 2009

Funny PIcs...

Of Course we had to watch the Cardinals game last night after getting home from the hospital- Ben has always been a fan so it is actually nice to see them doing well. So Here is one picture of Lincoln watching the game with his fanatic Daddy, and Tatum sleeping very soundly after her beanie slipped over her head. Her binky is still moving so I know she is breathing, but Funny huh!?!? And can't forget Carter. I didn't have my camera so I just took a picture with my phone which means not too many people can see it. But- He had the biggest smile after eating. That was an awesome sign, he isn't totally miserable and should be coming home soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Far so Good

Carter has been a trooper through all his many trials. The surgery was a success as far as we know. They removed the band from his PA and closed the big VSD. His first couple days after surgery he was a little sedated and didn't know what was going on. That made it a lot easier to leave him for the day knowing he would sleep through everything. Then he decided to wake up- so Ben slept with him one night while in the CICU..

Then (So I don't know how to rotate pics, but I needed an update of Tatum, her second dress and first time to church.) The top pic of Carter was the third day where he got his 3 chest tubes pulled (where the gauze is) and soon after this pic was taken he got his breathing tube out. What a happy Man he was! He is still quite a bit swollen- but is makes him look a little chunkier. He is going to have some awesome scars when all is said and done. Had to get a picture of him with the nurses from the CICU before they moved him upstairs... they just loved having him in there to take care of, so they say. And to the right.. Lincoln dressed like a big boy supporting Carter. He is becoming a real Tank and we LOVE IT!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pray for Carter...

Carter is having his second surgery tomorrow to fix the holes in his heart. The surgeons have high hopes with the outcome so we shouldn't be worried, but how can you not when they are cutting his chest open and putting him on bypass and cooling his body down tremendously and he's not even 8 pounds...Why would we be worried??

Otherwise things are going pretty good. All babies had their shots on Friday and did their weigh in. Lincoln has made it over 10 pounds and is all smiles. That has come in the past week and us fun to see an expression that is not aroused by gas. Tatum is working on it- we've gotten a couple here and there but nothing concrete.

When the whole family was here we also got a chance to go bowling... The last shabang with the parents here to watch the kids and the last outing with Matt while he is still in the US. We won't be seeing him again for a couple years since we don't get out much and he leaves in a couple weeks.And yes... Matt does the McDowell smile. And I thought this other pic of Papa with Tatum is cute, no need to play hard core Grandpa when.... It is the best to have her fall asleep on you!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy Busy

So a lot has happened over this break. Julie came and helped out the first week and we had a blast. Thanks Dustin for giving her up for almost a week. We gave the boys their first Haircuts- They look even more handsome. Now one of these days we'll get around to Tatum- she is starting to get shaggy in the back.

Then my mom came the week after and stayed for two and a half weeks. Hole Cow- what a big help. This morning I was already holding a baby and another started crying- when it hit I didn't have anyone else to retrieve the helpless baby. She flew out this morning and Ben went back to school. I guess now the real fun begins. But anyway- My Dad and Brother made it here on the 30th- so here's to the Papa and Grammie pic!
Ben's B-Day was on the 26th- and he got Apple Pie for his cake. We had so many sweets and did not want another cake laying around. Then below is a pic of all the McDowell Grandbabies. THe triplets are sprawled out in their blessing outfits and then the family pic below of the family! Ben did an awesome job blessing the babies and love him for being able to do that for them!
So the official names in case everyone didn't know.(from right to left below).. Carter Damon McDowell, Tatum Skousen McDowell and Lincoln Pythias McDowell. Google Damon and Pythias if you are wondering about the names!! So that was the New Years Eve Party. Then we all went snowboarding for New Years Day at Copper and everything turned out really well! The babes stayed at home with Grammie and Papa and it didn't snow- only got a little windy. What a Blast!
Then the whole McDowell clan (minus the babies) on the 2nd, Ben's Dad got re-attached so that is Paula in off-white for those who are wondering. We are excited to have her in the fam as well as her 2 kids! Too bad we are not there to enjoy the changed events, but who knows where we'll be in a couple of months. Ok- That is that for the post! Hope everyone had some good Holidays!