Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ben Says Hello

Jen has finally pinned me down and is requiring that I participate in this family blog. So, here goes.

That wimpy basketball team of mine finished the season 0-8, with an average score of 40 something to 6 or 7. There was only 1 game all season that we were even remotely competitive, but we had a good time. Fortunately for us, all teams made the playoffs with two divisions - Good teams and not so good teams. Game 1 was amazing - we demolished the other team to win 22-7. The best part is that when game 2 rolled around later that afternoon my team obviously had forgotten the first 3 months of the season. They were talking so much trash to the other team about how they were going to kill them. And they did! They backed it up! Reality set in harshly come game 3, but they didn't care. They were winners, got trophies, and I was proud of them.

Aside from that, I just got back from Spring Break. No, I didn't go to Miami for the parties. Just to AZ to spend some time with family. We went camping for a few days on the rim east of Payson. I got sun burned the first day, but loved the heat. I have to take the opportunity to brag - I beat Jim in a game of hand-gun PIG. (I may have lost in HORSE, but I beat a cop in PIG - go figure). Mom about fell over when she shot the 9 mm - good laughs for everyone. Aside from that, we did a little fishing (I caught two bite size fish sticks), felled a dead tree with a chainsaw (my first ever), and shot paintballs at anything Jimmy (Jim's son) could see.

School is back in session and keeping me busy, but the countdown is on. Only 14 months until graduation.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Great Fun

Last weekend we had a chance to go to AZ and spend some time with the family. Ben went to Matt's Volleyball tournament On Saturday and I went with my mom to Julie's Bridal Shower.. So I got some pictures of that! She had an awesome shower with some fun games.. I was really impressed and glad I had the chance to participate. We also had fun, once again, with Brittany and Shelby coming over to play games with the McDowell's. They are always good sports- and WE Love seeing them every time we are down. Also fun to see all the family with the kids growing up and running around everywhere. Even coming home every month or so there is always something new going on. The best part though, as usual, was being able to spend time outside- It was perfect. We could walk home from church, wear sandals and a t-shirt, I can't wait. Then we flew in Monday morning to snow all over the place... Yeah for CO. Ben did get to take advantage of the snow and went snowboarding yesterday while I stayed home and slept... And of course said the snow was perfect. Hopefully something fun will happen in the next couple of weeks. Ben has Spring Break so maybe he'll bring back some exciting stories to share...
(I also got to host Bunko this week and a friend brought such and AWESOME tray to share so I had to take a picture. It was fantastic)