Friday, May 15, 2009


First: Funniest thing we saw on the freeway, and only in OKLAHOMA!!!
Last weekend we made a trip to OK for some house shopping and came out successful. We were a little nervous, there were a couple people looking at the same houses as us and were afraid they would take our favorite house that was close to friends. But- we got it!! Now the fun part begins of packing up the house and trying to relax while Ben is out of school for a while. Hard to combine the two but we are very exciting we have a place to live once we leave. Baby news, Lincoln is kind of sitting up on his own and ready to rock and roll on the ground. Hopefully the other two will watch him and want to do the same so he won't overpower the other two. He is already rolling over Carter while they sleep, but luckily Carter doesn't care and will just look at him wondering what is going on. Life is fun!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lifesaver Lynn

We have awesome friends here in Colorado that are always so willing to help out with kids. Even great friends that are willing to watch the kids this weekend so we can take a trip to Oklahoma to look for a house to rent. And I had a great job at the hospital before the kids came along. Towards the end of the pregnancy I could take days off to shorten my hours, or breaks to go to my ongoing appointments, co-workers would help out so I wouldn't have to carry heavy things or walk around too much, a manager that worked with me and my maternity leave- definitely was a fantastic job all around. The best part about it was Lynn. She was a Case Manager/RN over the docs and decided she was done. Lynn retired end of the year, called me up and said when can I come help?? My usual response is whenever you feel like it. So we decided Tuesdays and Thursdays would work best. I thought this would last a couple weeks and then she'll be done with her baby fix. Nope. She is the kids adopted Grandma since they don't have any in CO. She has been coming for months allowing me to run errands, take naps, do some hair, go out with Ben... just a stress relief for me when the babes are having a rough day. She is bummed we are moving thinking she'll be bored, what am I going to do without her?? I can handle days by myself, but I think it is only because I have her a couple times a week. So besides getting this miracle babies, I got an Angel Grandma Lynn to come with them to give us some sanity. Thanks for all your help and we are going to miss you! Hopefully you can test out your motorhome in OK sometime!

Monday, May 4, 2009

BBQ's are the BeSt

Last weekend we had a neighborhood/friend BBQ. Our neighbor Angela is awesome, so her and another friend Ashley put it together. The end of April you would hope for nice weather, but because something was planned it was only in the 40's- luckily no rain. Here are a few pics.
Ben is ALWAYS running around with the kids and the picture with him in the dogpile is a classic. Seriously happens every time there is a group of kids around. We are definitely going to miss our friends here, hopefully something good happens in Oklahoma!
And a pic of Carter and Stephen (Ashley and Angela's boys). They were hilarious. Full on wrestling, It was Great!
Also Goodbye to the Bentley's. They are back to AZ. Don't mind the slobber on the shoulder, I sure love my kids!!