Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Tatum

We can never get good pictures of Tatum because she always has such a content look on her face. But I got one of her sleeping like an Angel because that is what she does, she sleeps all night and takes the BEST naps. Ben got a pic while I was trying to make her smile; If you try to make her smile and have a camera in your hand, she just stares at the camera waiting for something amazing to happen. So good work Ben!! We think she is adorable.

December Pictures

I was looking back through old Posts and remembered I forgot to post these pictures. The babies are only 6 weeks old- so they have grown a bit. We had a friend take some more pictures of them- so one day I'll post those and then you can see how much they've all grown and where they are at today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Our Friends gave us a Bumbo- so we thought we'd test it out on the kids to see if any of them like it, and who best. Tatum... not so much so she didn't get a picture. Carter was having a blast being entertained by Ben. Linc was posed as helping Ben cook... He looks like he'll have a broken neck soon but enjoyed being able to look around and see what's going on.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Ben and I keep commenting on how big Linc is getting so we thought we'd do a comparison. I didn't take a picture of Linc in the bath because I forgot- so he is fresh out and somewhat naked. Carter is in the bath showing off his fun scars... but he was even smaller than Linc so you can still tell how much he has grown. Carter is recovering pretty good. He good the stitches out last Monday and I'm sure the scars will fade sooner than we think. He is still very irritable, but I think improving. He has a good segment (feeding/play/sleep) but then has a breakdown the next time. However we had another miracle last night and we are hoping it will be a trend. Yesterday was a hectic day so it may be because they were overly worn out, but hoping it is a trend. We fed babies around 9:30, they were all asleep by 10:15. Linc wakes up screaming about 2:45am and feeding him is the only way to calm him down. So he got fed and I let the other two sleep.
They all didn't wake up again until 6:00a. Ben went into to get them because he heard noises and they were all awake just playing, Linc even had a huge grin! And Angel Tatum, she'll start smiling when you smile or sing to her. It was actually a good morning!!