Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Sep..

We've had a couple activities this month to keep us busy... so we'll start with the most recent, try and keep up!! Yesterday I had the final baby shower at the Caffall's to prep us for the arrival of our little miracles. So thanks to Heather for the fun party- I didn't take the pictures I thought I did, but it was way cute and a blast. We are now overloaded with Diapers- which is great because I hear we will go through A TON!! Yeah- can't wait! And Friday at work I had a surprise shower and lunch. I have some awesome co-workers, we got a swing, bouncer and the Ultimate Rainforest Deluxe Playmat... I can't wait to use it.

Here's a 30 week picture update, and still growing
Emily and Mandi just hanging out at the Baby Shower.. what good sports for helping out!
Ben helping unload after a long day of golf.. this is Heather's boat with Diapers creation , awesome huh?? Even has the three babies and some brain squeezers thrown in!
And another cute present from Ashley and Courtney- can't wait until they can fit into them!!
Julie and Dustin had a layover in Denver before flying over to Italy for a couple weeks, so I met them at the airport to entertain them for a bit... I'm a little jealous they are going on a long vacation. But hopefully they'll have fun, what a precious couple!

A week ago we had and awesome shower thrown together by the McDowell/Robbins clan. So first we have beautiful Lindsay just chillin....

Then the Diaper cake from Megan....
And the family playing games. Marin was here from UT and had some fun games put together, Aunt Linda has fun prizes for the winners- very competitive family- and Lindsay made some delicious Pork for the dinner. They threw a Fabulous party--- and I thought it was fun that Ben got to participate with the baby party since most boys don't get the chance.
And then the Saturday morning activity, Ben is helping run the Flag Football league which lasts a total of 8 weeks, so half way done, but it is Every Saturday morning. This year there are a lot of good teams, so it is more fun to watch not knowing who will win or get hurt.

The double stroller we've invested in, everyone's bragged about the BOB so hopefully it pulls through when we get around using it. We'll figure out what to do with the third baby when they get big enough that we can't carry them, but for now this is plan.
University of Colorado Hospital night at the Rockies- they were playing the D-Backs so how could we not go? They didn't win, but all is well. Here is Ben having fun.
A couple weekends ago we got an invite to hang out with Caffall's up in Winter Park for a couple days. Since I couldn't get out to Mtn. bike, Ben and I went on a Sunday walk down Main Street so I could enjoy the scenery. It was a perfect day!

Heather and Trevor with sick Natali- and us hanging out in the woods.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

26 and Counting

Here is a 26 week and 4 day picture of the ever growing belly. May not look like much, but it just keeps getting bigger!

Guatemalan Dentistry

A dream come true. Jen and I had been planning on going with a group from the dental school down to Guatemala for a week of dental work since last October. Then Jen's condition changed and I finally had to put my foot down and suggest that she not go - if anything had happened I couldn't have forgiven myself. So instead, my youngest brother Matt filled in.

On August 1st, we flew through LA to Guatemala, arriving at 5:30 in the morning. That gave us a full day to explore the city of Antigua and spend money on some souvenirs (ask Matt about his awesome Tambor). After buying lots of trinkets, eating fried corn from a street vendor "save me a piece of that corn" and walking in on a wedding at the local cathedral, we took a trip up to the active volcano just outside of town. It was awesome. You couldn't summit because the sulfur content in the air was so high that you would die from asphyxiation in a matter of minutes. Instead, we just walked on the hardened lava bed and looked at the fiery lava through the cracks. It made for some great marshmallow roasting even though I thought my face might boil and fall right off.
The next day, we took off with the rest of the group to San Martin de Jilotepeque where we would stay for the rest of the week. The days consisted of treating kids from a local elementary school. It was mostly amalgam fillings and extractions, but I did get to do a handful of anterior composites. We were initially afraid this girl would lose her two front teeth as they were terribly decayed. Her mom was afraid she would never be able to get married if that happened. As it turned out, big holes were able to be filled and she is still smiling as beautiful as every. These kids would line up in the morning, some staying all day long before being treated, yet not a single word of complaint. And then they would sit in your chair with most not even blinking an eye through all of the procedures. It was a testament to how they have had to deal with difficult situations their whole lives. It broke my heart to see them with clothes too small or too big and shoes worn out at least 3 years ago, yet still so happy and gracious. We all left wishing we could do more. At the very end of the week, one of the classes lined up and one by one brought us all flowers. Their teacher gave a speech, concluding by saying "when those that have give to those that have not, we believe there is balance and equilibrium in the world." It was a humble reminder of how good and easy our lives really our - we have so much. It was a pleasure to serve them for that week.
We ate well the whole week, worked hard and were exhausted when the day came to an end. Its a good thing that we were tired as Matt and I had the worst beds known to man. It was the equivalent of a thin foam pad resting on top of a ladder. But we were tired and not even the attack dogs just outside our window could ruin the week.
Sooner than we knew it, we were on our way back to Antigua and then flying back home. What a great trip. Next time I'll have to stay a little longer so I have time to see some more of the tourist locations.