Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mini Sunday Post

Sunday we did the usual church, and then headed to the Mesa, AZ Temple for the "Reflections of Christ" display. It was pretty neat, had some awesome pictures recently taken and music to go along with the pictures... Glad Annie pointed that out to us to go see. But we took some pictures of Gracyee, so had to get those on. She is almost to walking, but still gets to be the baby for a little longer!
Ben trying to play Hardcore, Brent being happy, and Mom mixing our dinner drink!

And Here is Good Old Annie... We just love you!

Saturday full of fun

Beautiful Camelback Mountain!!

We were so excited to get out of CO while it was snowing, we had to make the most of our AZ trip. So Saturday morning we planned a hiking trip to Camelback. It was AWESOME! I hadn't done it for a long time, and Ben never had. So Brent gathered up a couple friends, and we gathered up Mom Skousen and Dad McDowell and had a pretty good time. It was a perfect day, sunny clear (if you couldn't tell) and warm. And it wasn't much of a mountain, but it gave off a pretty good darn view of the Valley. After some hiking, we gathered some of the McDowell clan a visited Matt working at Sonic, and then to Sports Authority to grab some slingshots. So, Of course when we got home they had to be broken in. Each boy got a turn at being target practice while everyone else lined up to shoot at them. The girls were free of having to get shot at, but Mom even jumped in to shoot when Dad was all layered up. I got a couple of good shots in- Right to the shoulder blades, felt pretty good about those!!

And here are the kids having a movie party while the adults were getting ready for a night full of Games!!

Friday First

Since we took quite a few pictures while we were in AZ, it was decided
to split up the trip log. We got a new camera and had to try it out, Right?? It was a blast to be in AZ and fun to spend time with the family! Here are pictures from our Fabulous time at Mango's friday night!! We had to put a picture of Shelby and Brittany Adair's kid, Hadley, on the blog. She definitely has a lot of energy, but is a ton of fun- and just so Cute!! Made Friday a little more interesting. And A Shout out to Dan and Kelli for letting us stay at their place- Thanks Again-

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So I always hate when people don't update their post for a long time. I get bored at work and just try to check out everyone's links- and it gets really old when nothing new has been posted. WEll, I just realized we are in that category so I thought we could spit something out to you all. Had a Great New Year. Had some friends over for dinner and games, then we stayed up and watched a movie. Nothing exciting, and it was Fantastic. Had New Year's Off, and Back to work on the 2nd for Jen and Back to school for Ben too. Finally. It is no fun to have to go to work everyday while Ben is on break. So- between now and then not a whole lot going on. Just freezing in Denver and trying to keep warm, so stay inside! But the good news, is we are in AZ right now, and it is SO GREAT!! We hiked Camelback this morning with Dad McDowell, Mom Skousen, Brent and Friends. It was perfect. Had some Mesa Fro Yo and that just topped off the trip. Then plans for some slingshot paintballing on Monday- so we'll update you on how that goes and put some pictures. We got a new camera for Christmas and will have to work with that.. Yippee.