Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Oh Good Times!! This was a dream vacation long awaited.  I was invited to a girls weekend with Anna and friends to the Porter's Beach house. Ummm. the Beach with no kids- how perfect is that? I headed there Thursday morning- weather was perfect when I got there, had some time to sit and read at the Santa Fe Depot,  

then took the Coaster up to Oceanside.  GORGEOUS! I had the beach and the house to myself for the whole afternoon/night. So relaxing.

 People finally started showing up late night- had to share a room with Anna and Mar and ended up staying up talking... fantastic. Haven't done that for awhile... then spent the weekend walking around Oceanside and just hanging out. It was a so nice.

 Anna and I went Kayaking in the harbor one afternoon- SO MUCH FUN! We spotted a couple dolphins swimming around, eventually making their way under us... pretty intense.

 One night Anna went all out and we played some "Minute to Win it" games. Hilarious! These girls crack me up!

 Right before we headed out all of us did some kayaking... well, no babies on a kayak so Tiff and Laura took a pedal boat.
 Sea Lions were everywhere...

It was a blast! Thanks girls! When can we do it again??