Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Here is our month of April- in a nutshell!    Tatum got her hair braided for the first time..

Carter and Linc being silly... as usual

Missed a fun end to Mustache March- so start April out trashy..

Decorating eggs with friends

Egg hunt with friends

Egg hunt and Easter lunch with Family.

Easter Morning- Tatum didn't want to get dressed, apparently

And we forgot to take pics of the kids all fancied up- so this is the best I got. They looked Cute!
Happy April! We'll see what the last week or so brings us!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Primary participation

Carter was in charge of giving the scripture last week in Primary. Ben found a scripture the thursday before and we started working on it in the car and at breakfast for the next couple of days.... and of course they all wanted a turn to say it. Sunday came around- he was so excited to go to Primary and recite his scripture. It was so fun to watch him get up to the microphone and have confidence in himself. He was so enthusiastic. Huge grin on his face! Too bad the mic wasn't working and no one could here him... It was awesome! This morning at breakfast we asked if they wanted to read scriptures or learn a scripture. They wanted to say a scripture instead. We haven't worked on this during the week, and they all remembered it. I am so impressed! So we finally got it on video.