Saturday, November 26, 2011


We've had a fun time with the long weekend. Thanksgiving we totally laid back. Friday I did some shopping in the morning and then we just hung out the rest of the day with football on, of course! Luckily it was not our turn to watch kids friday night, so Ben and I got a date out to dinner and browsing some Black Friday deals. Then today- headed to Bass Pro Shop for a trip to see Santa. There was quite a line.. so quite a bit of people... and ran into some old friends and live further away friends and just friends.. it is a small world. That was fun. Kids were running around riding all the quads. Linc had to sit on every blue one, Carter everyone green and Tatum whatever. Those boys are stuck on their favorite colors. Makes life fun!! They continued to run around while I sat in line... right before our turn we did a run through "What do you want for Christmas?, sit on Santa's lap for a picture.." The prepping worked. The family in front of us had two yr old twin girls and a 6 yr old girl. They were awesome in line- I was very impressed- and they screamed when they got to Santa. Our kids ran up to him, gave him a big hug- they all told him they wanted race cars for Christmas, said "cheese" for the Camera, gave him a hug goodbye and we were on our way. It was AWESOME!! I felt like a good parent. (that doesn't happen often). So that was our fun morning. This afternoon Ben put some wood we've been storing for 8 months to good use. More attic space. When it came time to nail it in- all the kids jumped in to help. It was hilarious. That were up there for about an hour helping Dad nail and screw and whatever else. It was a great teaching moment and funny to watch. Linc copies Ben in every way he can.

Good times! And now back to life..

We did get all our Christmas stuff up and can enjoy the Christmas season!! Now next holiday to look forward to!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such awesome weather this year! The kids rode with me on the bike to the park to watch Ben play football--(gotta love Thanksgiving loaded with football). Then had some trike races. The roads across the street from us recently got paved- which is a huge bummer- but open roads with no traffic. I took the kids on a bike ride the other day and it was hilarious. We had to show Daddy how it was done. The kids are pretty good on their bigger bikes- but haven't gotten the brake part down, so I don't know if I trust them going downhill when I'm alone. The little bikes worked great!!

Hope everyone had a Fantastic Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pikes Peak

I was looking through recent pictures- and realized I never posted these. we had a fun trip down to colorado springs over labor day- so a little while ago. It was a fun getaway with Grandpa and grandma Paula. In these pics we drove up to the top of Pike's Peak. Ben had hiked it the previous week, but over course, didn't bring a camera so didn't get any pictures. It was an amazing view and can't believe he had just hiked up it. That would have been a blast to go with him, but I definitely enjoyed the drive!