Sunday, July 17, 2011


The room is done!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 4th!! We had an AWESOME afternoon/night on the 4th. Here is how it went.. Started with painting the playroom in the morning- not the most fun thing to do- but so far so good. (we aren't quite done.
Then to the park where some friends arranged a BBQ Party and face painting..

Bead necklaces for whomever..
Bocce Ball for some boys..The sponge water game-- yep, Ben is putting the wet sponge under Linc's hat..

Linc taking on Ben, then coming after me.. Carter throwing a ball around

Spray Bottles

Prepped for fireworks. We were at a park about 2 miles or so from our house and just sitting in the grass with the fireworks right over head. It was awesome. The best part-- the Kids loved it and were happy, even at 10:00 at night.

Back Track..

This past month has been a busy month-- we've tried to do something every weekend we've had a chance, so we've taken some fun pictures. These are back from Father's Day weekend when Dad-Jim was in town.

Here's to watching a movie..Then to the hike.. We went to Canyon State Park (i think is the name)
Stud Linc
Tatum has to be silly all the time apparently..
I told her to stop and wait for us and this is what I got in return, a sumo pose with a huge grin on her face... Then she took off running again.

And yah- another fun weekend. The highlight of the hike: we walked down by the water to let the kids throw some rocks in. The water was very shallow, and that part of the creek/river was not wide- so Ben jumped across. Then- Linc decided to be like his Daddy and he ran across then hopped at the very end. a min later Carter did the same thing. They didn't want to stop once they started, but we did keep Tatum from going. So they had the 2nd half of the hike done in wet shoes and socks, and luckily they didn't even care. It really was hilarious... little hope onto the rocks after the water and a huge grin!

Pretty eh??

Happy 8 Day

Apparently I had never got around to posting this- a little late but still fun! This was our anniversary day out while my mom watched the kids for us. We stayed at the Brown Palace, ate at Maggiano's then took a hike in Roxborough State Park. It was great!! Got to the top for a pretty view and didn't have to carry any kids doing it!!