Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mount Rushmore

 Since we don't know how much longer we will be in Colorado- We've talked about driving up to Mt. Rushmore. It is only a 6 hour drive, Ben got a few more days available to take off for school- could be fast and pretty cheap.  We talked about what weekends were available, when would be a good time and decided a weekend in September. Before it got to cold and no fun. Then Julie and Dustin (sister and hubby) decided they wanted to come visit us one more time before we moved, also before it got too cold and no fun. Turned out they wanted to come to Mt. Rushmore with us! What is a few more hours of driving after 14 anyway? Right?? So then we started talking some more. "Wouldn't it be fun to rent an RV and be together and let the kids have more fun. ooohhh, and then there'd be a bathroom for the newly potty trained kids (a year is still newly right). Yah- and then we'd have a kitchen and moving beds!!"  We looked and looked and decided, heck with the quick and easy trip. Let's make it fun! We we rented an RV that would fit 9 of us.. took of Friday night. It was Awesome! Kids loved it up top, and just fell asleep up there on the drive. We pulled over in Custer, South Dakota around one in the morning - just on the side of the street and slept. We were FREEZING.. did not plan sleeping arrangements well. But it was SO CONVENIENT!  Ate a little Breakfast, got dressed then started up the home on wheels and headed to Crazy Horse Memorial. if you have never heard about it, you should look it up. It is Crazy! One guy started out carving this thing. All alone- with one old generator.. now just his kids work on it. It is pretty spectacular! Then had a picnic by a lake- drove to MT Rushmore Memorial (or our kids started calling it Lincoln Mountain. Linc LOVED it)  Made the kids lay day and take a nap after we parked- so we could have a happy experience. Love it! Toured around, took our time. Amazing. The thing looked pretty puny after the Crazy Horse (All the Presidents heads could fit into Chief Crazy Horse's head). But can not believe how impressive the details are, and on the side of a mountain. totally impressed. We decided to check out the KOA close by since most of the state parks were closed in September, not tourist season anymore. (which made it perfect, no crowds). KOA was superb, so many things to do- let the kids run free! We cooked some fish and made tacos for dinner. Then cleaned up and headed back to the Memorial for the night program. Saw a video about each of the Presidents and why they were picked.. then a spotlight was shown on the faces... had a great time. It was a good, short and sweet experience.  Kids were a little exhausted and cold so headed back to our little site and parked, plugged in and slept. Oh- showered too! Always a beauty when "camping". Sunday morning we drove up to Custer State Park, was told it was the Buffalo round up. When we were at the gate, the park lady said the round up was actually Monday. Whoops to the misinformed people who told us otherwise. We didn't want to come back in the morning and fight the crowds, so we drove through. I saw one Buffalo.. and no one else did. oh well. Saw some deer, took a little hike- it was a pretty peacful and chilled day. but still got to see some new scenery. Went back to the KOA sine we loved it so much and played around in the afternoon and just enjoyed ourselves. The Big Boys got out their fishing gear.. Dustin knows more of what he is doing than Ben. No worries, he has more experience. Ben was out there for awhile and didn't catch anything. I think Dustin caught one on his first try- then handed it to Lincoln to see, That kids is not afraid of any living thing no matter the texture.  Did that for awhile-- it ended with Austin getting a hook in Dustin's shirt- it was funny!  We got kids in the shower and to bed at a decent time- so we played a few games of Carcassonne, then just chatted.  It was great.  Monday morning we had a yummy breakfast and took our time leaving, then Headed up to Bear Country.  And if you want to know about that place- you'll have to look it up. It is Pretty awesome. And it was sweet having an RV. The kids could run around and look out any window to see the animals surrounding us. It was awesome... so we walked around, so some animals--- then decided to head back home. Ate lunch on the way- took naps and had a party on the way back home. It was a fun trip. Love having Family come to visit us! They are good sports.. Love them! Well- there is our trip in a Nutshell!

"Daddy, get off work already. We are ready to go"

And we're off!

Brooky's seat so she didn't bounce around!- oh, and so she'd sleep! 

Crazy Horse Memorial- This thing is HUGE! Only the head is done (obviously) but if it ever gets completed it will look amazing and be the biggest carved mountain you've ever seen.

This is to be the finished product. The tribe there wanted to get recognition for their Chief if some Presidents were getting recognized on a Mountain not too far away.. that is how it started anyway!

Fav spot in the RV

My Brooky is all grown up! Luckily she likes me- since I only see her twice a year or so
Stopped to eat Lunch between carved mountains

We Made it to Lincoln Mountain! We all took naps in the RV before heading out. Julie and D took Brooky and Tatum. We had the boys when they woke up. I think Austin took a longer to wake up and please since his Mama left him. But either way, WE MADE IT!!

The closest you can get to the faces.

How High can Uncle D throw us.....
Who needs a Mountain with President's Head... we have a Dollar Bill with a president!

Playing games in the RV on the road..

Taking a hike, or walk. Call it what you want. Needed a quiet Sunday activity!

Stopped at a View Spot to get a full view of the Black Hills.

Stayed at the Coolest KOA for two night. Had the most awesome bouncy pillow, a playground, mini golf, basketball, lake to fish at, bathrooms with showers.. AWESOME!

Getting ready to fish

But where are they??

And D gets hooked..

Getting ready to drive through Bear Country. Too bad we aren't allowed to hunt while in there... Brooky is ready! That place is so awesome. Soo many different animals so close!

"We'll scare you...."

"I Love Bear Country"

Lunch and nap on the drive.... totally awesome!!
 And back home...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poudre Camping

We Love camping! These kids are in heaven playing in dirt and water and playing in a tent. (always got to work on the sleeping). So since the weather is getting cooler by the day, we decided to hit up Poudre Canyon. Our awesome friends, Rowley's- were up for the task too. Emily and I headed up ans set camp up Friday morning and the boys came up late friday night, when they got out of school. Then packed up Sunday morning.

 We Had a fire and smore's- both nights. Almost didn't bring enough mallows, which would have been totally tragic!  Saturday we hung out by the river and just chilled. Read something, threw rocks, played in the dirt;  boys thought it'd be fun to cross the river- hike the mountain- and then do a little cliff jumping into the freezing water.

Lincoln chopping fire wood

Ben and Shane up top

Best Buds- Hannah and Tatum


It was sad to go! We are loving COLORADO!  But the kids let us take a few pics before we left.

These boys LOVE to jump off anything and everything