Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here is what we have been up to. Every weekend, basically, we have been on a hike or outing of some sort. The most recent is first and then back tracks. Last weekend Ben and his little brother Matt hiked up a 14er or two-  I got lucky to stay home with kids... I think. I really want to do a big hike before we leave Colorado.  We'll see if it can happen! The weekend before that we went down to Colorado Springs and visited Seven Falls... it was a little weak and a lot of stairs and kids were not so cooperative. Still a blast to get out though!  Before that was a trail that runs from Frisco to Breck- we started in Frisco and only made it a fraction of the way. Before that was to Lost Lake in Eldora..  Sometimes it would be nice to sit and chill and maybe clean the house or something-- but this usually sounds more fun at the time!  Sorry the pics are a little out of order... and that this is short and sweet!n That is also how we roll. Later!

Start of Seven Falls

"I don't wear my glasses low or touch my face"...

To Lost Lake

Throwing snowballs in the river

From Frisco then back..

This is how we roll... Carter peeing off the bridge

Tatum marching across the bridge