Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tatum thinks she is a Princess in this little outift- I think she looks adorable. During our dance parties they all learned some moves- so here they are. Sometimes the boys are even better ballerina's than Tatum. Thanks for the clothes Linds!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fit for the Birds

While I was in CA Ben taught the kids to feed the birds the left over breakfast- pancakes, waffles. Didn't want them to be totally wasted. Here is Tatum showing you the bowl full of torn up waffles...Now they are laying them below the tree (where are the birds are)Tatum snags a few that weren't fit for the birds "Oh no- you see me"

Carter isn't ashamed, he just goes to town.
"Guess I'm stuffed"And now watching the birds have a turn..The gross part about all this, is there was/is bird poop all over those bricks. Even when you'd tell them no, do kids listen? They still would eat the waffles. Even after sitting outside for a few days and getting wet- Carter still tried to eat the waffles.

And you wonder why he has digestive issues.....


Found a new activity for the kids- they don't quite understand the concept of getting the paint wet first, or washing off the brush, but Who Cares. They had some fun!

Oh- the concentration..

And look how well she holds that brush- I love that she notices things so I don't have to try and teach her.