Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Love when Daddy comes home. We can play and release our wiggles and get fed again and have someone with new energy play with us. Some kids get soo lucky.

Some things just never change..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How cute are they??

Sneaky Cart-Dawg

Here is our little escapey.. he is pretty smooth and has also taught Tatum and Linc to get in and out of the pack n plays. What a disaster. But he loves his manta y perrito so that keeps him calm and in his bed most of the time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day at Spring Haven

We were lucky enough to be invited to Spring Haven, Springville, UT with our McDowell family here in CO. They are always a pleasure to be around and definitely make living in Colorado a lot more enjoyable. I also got the pleasure of meeting Ben's grandparents for the first time and introducing the "jiglets" to them. Apparently there were only a few great grandkids that they have not met, and grandma was determined and anxious to see them. She has been sick for a few months and was close to the end- I'm so glad we made it out and only wish we could have gone sooner. She wasn't very responsive, but did smile when they kissed her and we got an eye open when we were singing. She got to meet our kids! I'm glad she held out for us so I could also meet her, she happened to pass away this afternoon so the timing is what it is. But here are some pictures from our Labor Day getaway...
The McDowell boys.. (well, the boys there at that moment) with Grandpa

The swans that we loved to use to distract the babes..

Our fam at the moment..

The playground inside. This place is amazing- but especially to take kids to. They have places to run around, friends to run around with, things to explore- they had a blast!
Linc is testing out his strength on the firepole... pretty good huh?
And they've mastered climbing the slide, thanks to the examples of the older cousins.
More ants,
then races down the driveway,
playing ball,

kisses for Daddy,
driving cars to each other,driving cars down the driveway...
it was a lot of fun. I wish we were still there! Thanks again Megan and Jason, for letting us tag along!