Monday, March 29, 2010

More up to do

Here are the current interests.. still love the blocks. It is funny to watch them when they are off playing alone. I'll leave and play with two- and come back to where one was playing with blocks on their own and there will be a stack of blocks- of the exact same blocks. Same color and size, they search through all the blocks and pick out those that match. It is usually Carter on his own so I included the picture of him with them. Next is Tatum and her cheesy face. She has such a cute smile and I have gotten some good pictures of her recently, but with the lack of hair around the face she can look a little goofy. Then the wooden blocks. They have caught on the the concept of stacking them and not just demolishing anything you build. I am very impressed when it reaches up to five blocks high... We are working on Spanish with the kids as well as English. Since I know mainly the basics and that is what they are catching on to they are learning. We can say "Que dice la vaca"- and they moo. But the fun one is "Donde esta la tripa" They will all lift their shirts up and show off their belly, I love it! Carter still loving his books... A new favorite-, I picked up a vacuum off of Craigslist hoping they would not mind my vacuuming so much. It was and is still hit of miss whether or not they freak out, either way they love this thing. Tatum hugging her globo Sock Puppets are an always fun. (yep, just socks on their hands as they wiggle their fingers and make some sort of sound) I try to find entertainment to the kids not getting the attention when I'm trying to dress one and also not have them run away-- sock puppets work great. Up next, kids with their trucks and fu nat the park... stay tuned until I find more time!!

Up next, kids with their trucks and fu nat the park... stay tuned until I find more time!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots to look at

Here is a random post for you all. I am picture happy since I am still playing around with the camera- so you can learn about our fun times when the weather is nice as well as some random facts. First- This is such a cute kid! Carter sure does whine a lot- but it is totally worth it when he gives you this smile! He is our little trooper. We had a couple good weather days last week, so I braved the babes at the park by myself. It actually turned out pretty good. They are pros at going up the stairs and down the slide without my help. I just have to man the open sides so they don't fall off.

Then after the park we played in the backyard. There were some lights around that we took down so Tyson didn't get to them and brake them--- well, the babes found them. They were walking all over the place waving the poles.
They found a hole that Tyson graciously dug for her- and pounded away.
Same day- getting ready for bed, we started stripping the kids down like we always do. Linc started doing his monkey walk- so Ben joined in, which got all three of them doing it.

So Funny!

And to another day- The babes love playing on the couch and jumping off. Tatum was actually just walking off the Carlson's couch the other day- kind of scary. They always need help getting up which frustrates them very much. So Tatum found a cheat way.

Duh, use the toys! Lincoln attempted to follow but wasn't a graceful and still needed help!

We also borrowed Carlson's slide for a little backyard fun. They love it. As fun as the park is, this is way more convenient. They still need to be watched, otherwise Tatum or Lincoln will push another over the edge. But they are pros and love it!

Then to after bath- the boys were scaring Ben- funny faces again.

Tatum's first pigtails, poor girl has no hair on top. If you look close enough you see a blue line above her left eye- she ran into a pew at church, only cried for 2 seconds, but that area swelled up in about 20sec. Hit a perfect spot. Oopps. And last picture, our other angel/grandma here, Genene. She thinks the kids don't care for her as much as other people-(I beg to differ) but she pulled out a farm/animal app on her phone and they flocked to her. Good times!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

almost Spring

Ben came home from work today and decided it was time to scalp the lawn. The babes and I had been outside this afternoon testing out some new side walk chalk and practicing the art of throwing rubber chips- so we decided to join him. They had mixed feelings about the lawn mower. The boys want to get as close to the things that scare them, so off they run towards Ben. He picked Lincoln up first- then realized that doesn't work very well. So this was the next best thing at including them in the lawn mowing process. Gotta love my Boys- What hard workers they are!!

I thought this was cute of Tatum though. A bus drove by, so I asked her "Where did the bus go? She wanted to get a better look- started to chase after it and caught Carter's hands up in there air doing the same thing as Tatum. Carter catches on, She is one smart cookie and understands pretty much anything you say to her or ask her to do. She is still a fireball with her brothers and likes to bite, but will usually obey if I ask her to do something. My goal is to catch her in the act so I can prevent the biting..... tricky because she is sneaky...