Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Stats

Carter- W: 18.12 lb
H: 27 1/4
Head: 43.8cm all bottom 5%
Some new fun facts. Carter really does like to clap now and does it anytime you say "yeah". He is also attempting to feed himself, which when done, will be a huge relief. For now he gets his thumb in his mouth and that is it. Hopefully he will soon learn he needs the whole fist! Still loves to walk and can do it holding on with only one hand and not two. He is experimenting more with foods, still mainly carbs though. I did get him to eat a few tomatoes the other day though, always wants what is on my fork. He'll always open but may not last more than a second in his mouth. But doesn't he have the best lips you've ever seen?? You just want to kiss them all day!

Tatum: W: 18.14
H: 28 10-25%
Head: 45.8 50-75%
Tatum has done a total 180. She is such a happy, silly girl. She loved to cuddle you if you are laying on the ground- in a weird way. She is constantly moving but laying right next to you doing it. She makes some animal sounds, is jumping in her bed after naps and making high pitched happy sounds. She has mastered feeding herself and loves her sippy cup. Hopefully that helps feed her thirst when we give her the bottle less and less. Has a new obsession for this shark. If you make the noises to 'Jaws- dada,dada- she gets so gitty, we got a game going with it! She drinks so much! Made it two months with teeth before chipping the top right central, look closely and you will see it shorter and a little jagged, we are hoping it doesn't turn into a "dead" tooth. She has the chubbiest cheeks which enhance the double chin when she makes scratchy, smoker noises. She loves to laugh- still her her tantrum moments- but is our Angel Tater Tootsies!! Lincoln W: 19.13
H 28 1/2 10%
Head: 45.2 10-25%
And Lincoln- He is still our little Rock Star!! He is such a momma's boy- but can still be fun. He loves to cruise around the house and can do it all day long, just a pro at walking. (Poor Carter wants to be like Linc) He can make the funniest faces, loves to squint his eyes and move his lips in weird ways. He is SO TICKLISH it is awesome. He has the cutest laugh that I love to hear. He is a fantastic sleeper. Loves to sleep, but don't forget blue dog or else. He will roll around in his sleep with this dog. And when he wakes up he always throws it over the side- if I forget to put it back in bed he will roam the house with it. Just loves it. (thanks again Lena). But also has a game of throwing it over the side. I'll toss it in and he tosses it out. He is starting to tryout the feeding thing, but just as often as he'll try to feed himself- he'll lay is face on the table hoping a chunk of food makes it in his mouth, not sure where he learned that from. But very stubborn, does not want your help getting his fingers in his mouth and lays his hands on his lap when he is hungry and wants you to feed him. But all in all- we just love this kid. They all have there flaws and I get stressed out beyond---- everything, but I love being home with them. I love listening to them all laugh and jibber-jabber to each other when they wake up from their naps. I love having stories for Ben about them, especially when he's been gone for two days. I love that they say momma, and not daddy.. They are fun to be with (I still love my breaks though, when my awesome friends help out- I am so glad I don't have to grocery shop at night after they are in bed) They are our Babes!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


My How these little miracles have grown! I can not believe they are a year old, well in a few hours. I still remember sitting at the hospital a year ago playing Trains when the nurse came in and said the NICU is ready, there's room for three babies!! It is pretty crazy to think how small and helpless they were in the beginning. They are learning new things daily now. But- some things just don't change. Here is Tatum staring down her daddy, she still feels the same and can't get enough of him.Then Carter stuck in the NICU at Children's before the surgery, about 6 lbs.
And Lincoln prepping to go home--- that pacifier is gigantic compared to his face.
We did have a "party" for them Saturday which turned out to be a lot of fun. We invited a few friends.. didn't want to make a big deal out of it but thought it was a good excuse to throw a BBQ! The friends were a great help, the babes were always given the desired attention and the kids helped the babes open their presents and show them how they work. I just can't believe it has already been a year. So here is our party set up, things can get a little crazy with three babes. They had car cakes that actually turned out as good as I thought they would... Ben even decorated one as Chick Hicks. Then Spence showing Carter how to open and play with the new present! The total Chaos. And then the cutest things I've ever seen, made by Holly! So impressed!! Then Tatum, she is getting closer to walking everyday. She'll turn and just start walking somewhere- making it about 10 steps or so. It is so much fun to watch them learn something new. They just love it! They have their checkup on a few days so we'll update everyone on the stats... any guesses??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Somehow I have deleted all the links to friends blogs. SO FRUSTRATING.. If anyone has advice let me know. Otherwise, whoever looks at this and will allow me to check theirs out, either leave your blog in the comment or email it to me.

I did get the first half of the forever long list-- don't know how that worked out, hopefully I copied it down right. If not, please leave it right. And if you are private and will let us peek, add in Ben's email Thanks for understanding, it's been a long bit without Ben around.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

My mom made it into town to help out a bit. I also thought she would enjoy a good time with the babes since they are at such a fun stage. Since there was an adult per kid, we decided to head to a pumkpin patch the with kids, and who else- the Carlson's. The kids didn't understand a lot to what was going on, go figure, but it was fun to get out of the house and play!
The lovely Fam! Carter had no problem letting a goat lick food from his hand!

Ben wanted to take a kid on the slide- I don't know if it was an excuse for him to go, but here are the boys! Then Carter had a blast playing in the sand, usually Tatum enjoying dirt but he took a turn. Then McKay got a little tipsy on the way down the slide and ate a little sand.... Yumm... Tatum on the pony ride.. It was a lot of fun and can't wait until the kids are bigger so we can enjoy more outings with them walking and playing and they can participate.

CO Trip

We went to Colorado the other weekend for Ben's Ortho interview. It was a blast. The fam pictures were already noted, but here were some other pics from the trip. Carter had a blast with the McDowell's dog Barkley. He would chase them around and jump on them or lick them- which the babes didn't care for- but they didn't care enough to run away. They would chase right back after him. Carter loved that pup. The Linc, he was cruising all over the place. Would do laps around the island in the kitchen. It was hilarious, he loves walking anywhere he can. Then here's Taters being her silly self. She has turned into such a happy girl. I think once she realized she can get wherever she wants, she chilled out. She's turned into a little bit of a bully but the boys are quickly learning to fight back and still the toys back when they really care. The kids loved the electric piano. Sunday morning Ben played a sing over and over and they thought it was the greatest thing. They'd start swaying or kick their feet with the intense parts- hopefully they got some real rhythm in there! And then a fun pic of the kids just playing one morning. They got up so early- didn't realize the time change, so we had a party in the den at about 5:15a. Gotta love them!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Austin

Congrats to Julie and Dustin!! My Big Sister had Baby Austin on Saturday and all I hear is how perfect and adorable and cute he is. I so wish I was there to hold him and love him and help Julie out... but stuck in Oklahoma. Here are a few pics my mom brought with her. I suckered her into leaving a new baby and my sis to help me while Ben goes on a few interviews. I can't wait to hold him... doesn't he just have the best/round face you've ever seen! And Dustin as a dad.... he is going to be great. Always talked about putting the triplets to work early, Austin will have to show them the ropes! He is going to be a great Dad, can't wait to see them both in action. and a favorite picture, already decked out in firefighting gear. Congrats!! Love you all!!

And on a different note... We all went to Colorado this weekend for Ben's interview and had a good friend take our pictures. They turned out fantastic and am so grateful to Teri for being so patient and accommodating our every needs, and Lindsay for being the best entertainment for them to smile at. Here is a link to her blog if you are interested in seeing them. They are AWESOME!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Any Takers

Poor Linc here... Has had a fever this week for about 4 days, woke up from a nap at 105 one of the days... a little crazy. He hasn't acted any different which is the weird part. Well, He can be a little clingy sometimes anyway since he is a momma's boy, so I don't think that is out of the ordinary. But the fever went away and the next morning his face is swollen and totally broken out in a rash. His eyes were/are puffy, more hivey around the ears. By the end of the day everything but lower legs is covered in a rash. Any takers that can explain what is going on?? The even crazier part is it has happened to all three of them over the past month and a half. The docs don't want to see them unless it has hung around awhile and it usually goes away after the second day. We'll see.These are just some pics of the kids playing. Carter is so energetic now it is amazing! Tatum is a little bully sometimes but a much happier girl lately. She laughs at things all the time, it is hilarious!

And my boys! Sometimes they look like they are identical.. then other days not so much. What you think?? Another question.. what do you do for first birthday if the kids don't eat anything?? I think Carter is going to have a lame party of not sticking cake in his mouth. And Linc can't feed himself so he can play in it but won't eat it?? That is kind of lame too... oh well.