Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Merry Christmas Eve

And Happy Birthday to Michelle!! I wish I had some fun pictures of you to put on here, I know there are some good ones out there. But Have a good Birthday in Vegas and enjoy the warmer weather for us. And here is our greeting Snowman that Ben created yesterday to greet Jim/Monica family when they stopped by. I was very impressed.
Here is our balancing Carter. He may be the smallest but still has some good skills.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new look

A little preview of some pics our friends the Dean's took for us. This is me cheating with my camera, so soon enough we'll put the final product on here, but these are our kids naked!! I think they turned out awesome. It really shows off how big they are getting and it is exciting. I love them small but hear the sleeping improves with the size. Let's hope so... they are already 8 weeks.
And Ben copying the boys- they were passed out- which was also amazing- and Ben happens to do the same thing..... more so in the middle of the night.... but whenever.

Monday, December 15, 2008

How Great

So life is Great!! Ben is off of school for THREE WEEKS!! I love to have him home and always available to help so I am not alone feeding the babies. People/Friends have been fantastic with coming over to help out and hold babies, but they can never replace the beloved Husband. He is such a great helper. Here are some late photos of our great Thanksgiving party, our set up to feed three babies with two people. Ben and I got a good system when the babies are cooperating and we are not totally sleep deprived. And then Ben studying for boards and holding babies. Piece of Cake... who said triplets would be hard to take care of?? Ha Ha Now it is time to think about Christmas, can't believe it is almost here. Thanksgiving seemed like it was just last weekend, the days just blend together when we don't get to leave the house and do the same thing everyday. Oh, we did get some fun pictures taken so that will be a project for another day..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Week 5

The baby life continues for another week, it has been great having help once again- but here Ben and I are feeding the babies on our own. It isn't too bad with two people, but I'll soon find out what it is like with one person. We do have a life other than kids. Ben had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through today off- so he made it Mountain Biking with Trevor and Brian and then joined in the Turkey Bowl (with the ward) Thursday morning. Then we had some friends over at our house for Thanksgiving dinner in our garage. The pics are on my camera which has not been downloaded, so I'll get around to that sometime so you can see something other than boring baby pics!

Tatum above and Linc Below- Tatum may look bigger but Linc really is the chunk of the bunch
And a lovely family pic that my mom felt inclined to take. Don't we just look soo Happy!! We did make it to church with my mom willing to watch the kids all by herself- what a lifesaver!
And babies waking up so time to go!!