Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Had to add some more kid pics. in here. Michelle made it with her girls (up top) and then there is Tyler, Emily and Julie playing with the people Nativity set. What a handful, but they're fun!

Here's how the Skousens's pics turned out, and there is a new addition compared to the old pics!! Happy Day, but Christmas is over.. It was a great vacation in AZ and out of CO. Ben flew out Friday morning and all was well. Jen flew out in the afternoon (had to work) and it was SNOWING so had to sit in the plane for an extra hour while the plane got de-iced. Never had to go through that before. It was great to see clear skies and brown ground in AZ. (Isn't that a first) Attended a GREAT Party at Anna's- Thanks for putting that on, it was a lot of fun! Took some family pictures, did a lot of driving back and forth between parents. It was crazy but great. We have some great family in AZ and love them tons. We always appreciate parents willing to drive us everywhere and letting us borrow cars, and rearranging the house so we can crash there.
Gracyee turns 1 !!! Isn't she just a little princess?? And she sure went to town with her pink cake!

Christmas morning with the McDowells. (even Grandma made it)

And Happy 27th B-Day to Ben

End of Story!

So I loved reading everyone's comments and figure I should finish the story. The luggage did show up when the boys went to the airport- and had only gone to Kansas...And snowboarding was a BLAST!! Seriously though, still don't understand why there isn't a better system out there for SW so luggage doesn't get lost. Ben flew home on the 27th at night- it was miserable in CO, but he sat at the airport for over an hour, and his clothes bag came but no golf clubs, and it was 1 am and I needed to go to bed. So he kept calling and calling the next day- when come to find out it was just sitting in the office. You'd think they would read the tag and call a person, or look when the person has been calling.... but they delivered it the nest afternoon. I agree.. Do the best you can when flying with SW, try to carry EVERYTHING on!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

End of School.....

Ben and the Fighting Rams....

(Can't really see it, but it is a sleeping Rhino)
Nothing TOO exciting happened this week, just Ben is done with school for a two weeks. So we celebrated by going out to eat at Bennigan's friday night. Not really celebrated, but that is what we did. Also went to the Denver Zoo Lights Saturday night for a GI/Hepatology UCH work party- so free admission and free food. Can't complain about that too much. Then today the bothers flew in... Jim,Scott and Brent.. Sorry no Dan, Matt or Mark, You guys sure will miss out. The boys will do some snowboarding Mon-Thurs while Jen slaves aways short handed at the hospital. (a co-worker just quit..) Bad news.. The snowboard equipment still hasn't arrived- Southwest lost the luggage and doesn't know where to find it. First it will catch the next flight out of PHX (the guy took a break and forgot to add a cart of bags, that is our guess because a lot of people got hosed) then they were in Nashville, and now they don't know where they are. They just made stories up before. So the Brothers are on their way to the airport hoping to have luck with something, otherwise that makes for a miserable snowboard trip with no Gear... We'll see, I guess you'll have to check next week.......

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let it Snow!!!

Here we snow again!! It snowed all day on Saturday, so it made for an exciting weekend. Too cold to go outside or do anything, so we watched a movie or two, made a home depot run for some Christmas light hooks, taught the Caffal's how to play Pinochle (Ben was excited he had a chance to learn and teach someone!!) Saturday night was our ward Christmas party, Turkey Dinner...Yumm... and Sunday was Aunt Linda's 60th B-day party at Michael and Lindsay's so it was a fulfilled weekend.Oh and Friday was the Dental school "Prom" Some girls really go all out, so we had a cookless weekend. Those are seriously the best ever!
Here's the car after maybe 4 hrs.
And the next day, it looks pretty when it is sunny
And Ben putting up lights for FHE, and before the storm
Tonight we are supposed to get another 4 inches or so- so everyone in Arizona please enjoy for us!